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November 13, 2013

Miracle Baby Born in the Middle of Super Typhoon

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Official reports have come out that estimate the number of people in the Philippines that have died due to Typhoon Haiyan, may reach well up to 10,000. This news is definitely heartbreaking and the people’s suffering still continues as aid is slow to arrive in remote areas that were devastated by the typhoon. But, for one mother it could be said that it was a bitter-sweet moment as she gave…

Russia Enacts Initiative to Provide Free Subway Rides in Exchange for 30 Squats

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by Barry Burch Jr. Oh, so you want to ride the subway for free.  Drop and give me 30. In Moscow, a new initiative is underway with the purpose of promoting physical fitness.  If you drop down and give 30 squats, you can ride the Moscow metro free of charge, as reported by Cnet.com. The benefit of the initiative is two-fold.  Not only will it increase attention around physical fitness, but the Winter Olympics…