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November 27, 2013

Smartphone Repair Guy Fired after Soliciting Photos from a Customer’s Phone

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By Daphne R Getting a cracked screen repaired on a smartphone is usually a routine, carefree occurrence for most people but not so for a woman in Memphis, Tennessee this week. WMCTV News Channel 5 in Memphis, interviewed a female who wanted her identity to remain anonymous. She revealed to a reporter that she dropped her smartphone off at IFixAndRepair (IFAR) inside the Wolfchase Galleria mall to get her cracked…

Man Broadcasts Live Video Footage Exposing His Wife Using the New PlayStation 4

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By Daphne R Before you rush off to purchase the latest PlayStation 4 for your son or daughter for Christmas you might want to read this story. A man is in the hot seat for using his new PlayStation 4’s live video feature to broadcast footage of himself and his naked wife. He and his wife had been drinking heavily and she passed out on the living room couch. In…

Murder-Suicide Right after Cryptic Facebook Message: Father Dies Days after the Baby

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A father who planned to end the life of he and his daughter, for some strange reason, took his emotions to Facebook before committing a terrible crime.  Merrick McKoy was a man out of Colorado with serious psychiatric and relationship problems.   He seemed to feel that the best form of revenge against the child’s mother was to kill himself and the baby. The troubled 18-year old broke into his girlfriend’s…