Fresh Off His Fourth Divorce, NY Post Claims Ahmad Rashad is Dating Valerie Jarrett

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Ahmad Rashad appears to be moving on with his love life, and has other women in his sights after ending his marriage to his fourth.  Yes, that’s his fourth divorce.

Once known for his relationship with Phyilicia Rashad, Ahmad is now living the life of a single man and seems to have an interest in women from all walks of life.   They also appear to have an interest in him.

The New York Post is reporting that right as the ink is drying from his recent divorce from Sale Johnson this year, Rashad is reportedly spending quality time with Obama Administration Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett.

The post says that Jarrett and Rashad aren’t telling anyone about their newfound love.  In fact, they say that they are “sneaking around.”

Rashad’s divorce from Johnson was the subject of some negative publicity earlier this year, but the two seem to have been disciplined in maintaining a positive public persona.  The couple released this statement in February about their marriage, which appeared to end as soon as it started:

“This process, while difficult, is and has always been amicable – despite erroneous press reports to the contrary – and we remain committed to jointly raising our daughter,” they said. “We appreciate the respect of our privacy during this trying time.”



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  1. Maybe marriage is not his thing and he should stick to dating.

  2. Good for him. Next…

  3. Who gives a flying #&%%% !

  4. Dear Staff:

    I’d love to get your updates/mailings/contacts.

    Eugene Washington

  5. Good for him. Marriages do not last long nowadays. As long as he is giving each marriage a full effort.

  6. And…..

  7. Well for Damn sure…he is not scared of marriage…

  8. Gossip? Here say? I could care less!

  9. He should have stuck with phyllicia!

  10. Do I hear Gigolo but certainly not Down-Low

  11. Is this story the best you can do?

  12. Nothing better to report about?????

  13. he’s way to old for this shit….. his dick probably don’t even work anymore

  14. People are a trip!!! (smh) I would say my people, but it’s really just all us humans. Now I have read several of these folks on here referencing about science and how it cannot measure how little they can give a damn about this information. Even criticizing the blog for publishing distraction. Yet just like me, they clicked on it and read it cause they were curious. If you cae so little, how the hell did you click??? Was the title misleading – you thought it was ground breaking information that would uplift us beyond our condition and catalyze the revolution (lmao).

    No!!! The shit is clearly some “ho chatter.” …unimpactive distraction and gossip. Just like the Star magazine I read in the supermarket line, but always pile on top of the chewing gum before I pay for my groceries. Cause I’ll read it and nose around IN LINE. But I ain’t payin a dime for (lol). At least i’m honest about who i am. Like I only read science, or the most important information all the time. Hell, a little ho chatter is downright therapeutic every now and then. Especially when you pay attention to what really going on. The real substantive stuff gets so daunting sometimes, I need me a damn break and to ingest some good ho chatter.

    I remember Ahmad use to play for Buffalo wit O.J. Then he got a commentating job cause he could actually talk well. The he married Phylicia, Bill Cosby’s TV wife. He was on for real. So it’s just update gossip, that’s all folks. Y’all clicked on it just like me. Then gonna sit up here and tell us how much you are beyond this. Then don’t impulsively click. Because this blog’s management are counting clicks, no matter what you say. That’s how it works. Blessings xoxo lol

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