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Miracle Baby Born in the Middle of Super Typhoon

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baby born in typhoon

Official reports have come out that estimate the number of people in the Philippines that have died due to Typhoon Haiyan, may reach well up to 10,000. This news is definitely heartbreaking and the people’s suffering still continues as aid is slow to arrive in remote areas that were devastated by the typhoon. But, for one mother it could be said that it was a bitter-sweet moment as she gave birth to a miracle baby.

The Miracle

Among the ruins of Tacloban, one the worst hit cities in the country, baby Bea Joy Sagales was born to an exhausted but overjoyed mother, Emily Ortega, 21. Her husband, who was over 300 miles away in the safety of the capital, Manila, had no idea of the ordeal his wife went through or of the miracle birth of his daughter.

The incident occurred in the clinic of a destroyed Tacloban airport. The mother was waiting to be evacuated out, where Mrs. Ortega decided to head to after realizing that she needed to get out of her nearby village that had been totally destroyed. She almost didn’t make it herself, having had to swim and cling to a post to save her own life.

Moments of Joy

Amidst the sad scenes of destruction, cheers were heard when Mrs. Ortega gave birth in an improvised clinic that was set up at the airport.

Mrs. Ortega, in an interview with Agence France-Press said, “She is my miracle. I had thought that I would die with her still inside me when high waves came and took us all away.” She also said that she had named her daughter after her mother, Beatriz, who had been swept away by giant waves generated by the typhoon when it hit Tacloban.

The mother and baby are both in good health.

Typhoon Haiyan

The typhoon hit the Philippines on Friday and rushed through six central islands. It left behind an almost 100% destruction of all the cities and towns it had passed through, as it raced through them at wind speeds of up to 235 kph.



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