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Washington, D.C. Now Owns a Strip Club

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BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

The Stadium Club, a popular steakhouse and gentleman’s club with professional athletes and hip-hop artists, has been seized by the District of Columbia Office of Tax and Revenue.

The Stadium Club’s previous owner, James Redding,  operated a restaurant on H street and NE until September, when the city shut it down because Redding owed more than $100,000 in unpaid sales and use taxes. Redding never paid the debt and the city moved to seize his assets, included the Stadium Club, which is also home for a reality show called “Strip Club Queens.

Now let’s be clear, you won’t see President Obama, bringing a new meaning to his slogan “Change We Need”, sliding through The Stadium Club “making it rain” with Washington Redskins football players and popping bottles with Rick Ross and Jay Z.  D.C. is not going into the strip club business; however, it seems like it would help with our troubling budget deficit (just kidding … a little).

Natalie Wilson, a public affairs officer for the Office of Tax and Revenue says, “We’re not interested in running the day-to-day operations of club.”

“What we’d like to do is recoup the money the owner has collected –- the sales taxes that patrons have paid -– on behalf of the District.”

Now that the district has seized the building, it is able to sell “all of the assets, whatever’s of value” inside the building, as well as the building itself, Wilson says. “What we own, we can sell.”

According to the Washington Post, the Stadium Club has really become more frequented by women than men.

“Stadium, with color-changing chandeliers lighting up 14,000 square feet, has become a chic hot spot for young African American women,” the 2012 story about the club says. “They host bachelorette and birthday parties here, buy rounds of drinks and chitchat while other women work the pole. The club is a bucket-list item for black yuppies.



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