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December 1, 2013

Star of “Fast and Furious,” Paul Walker, Dies in a Car Crash

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Paul Walker was known for his role in the popular film series, “Fast and Furious.”  He spent a lot of time behind the wheel and according to reports, that’s just how he died. According to TMZ, Walker died from a car accident in Southern California.  He was just 40 years old.  Walker’s Porsche lost control and hit a tree.  The car caught fire and exploded, leading him to lose his…

Marijuana Falls Out of The Sky Near a California Airport

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By Daphne R They say it never rains in Southern California, but over the skies in San Diego there was something unusual that fell out of the sky. Monday, November 25th a huge bundle of pot (marijuana) dropped out of the sky, an airdrop from a small cargo plane flying out of Mexico. Only in your wildest dreams would you imagine marijuana falling out of the sky. The large parcel of…

German Police Officer Accused of Kιllιng and Eating Internet Acquaintance

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by Greg B. Associated Press is reporting that a German police officer was arrested on suspicion of kιlling and chοpping up a man he met online. The accused an analyst that works at the Criminal Technical Institute, admitted to stαbbing the victim on the first day they met in person. As gruesome as that is, the accused also stated that he then chοpped the victιm up and scattered the pieces….