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December 3, 2013

Man Makes It Rain On Black Friday

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CBS Minnesota first reported that Serge Vorobyov wanted to spread some holiday cheer in an exciting way. Vorobyov decided that the best way to do so was to make it rain dollar bills. Vorobyov used the Mall of America in Minnesota as a platform for his deed. Vorobyov said that he had a very tough year and that he sought to spread some love from his act. Vorobyov explained on…

Eminem Offers to Match Charity Donations Up to $100K, but His Pathetic Fans Only Give $6,500

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You have to give it up to the rapper Eminem (aka Marshall Mathers) for trying to give back to his community.  The artist has partnered with a charity in Michigan to help children succeed. His charity, The Marshall Mathers Foundation, have asked fans to give to Wolverine Human Services for the Holiday season.  As a challenge, Mathers has agreed to match all donations up to $100,000. But, despite his push…

Villagers Taken to Police Station so Chevron Can Drill for Oil

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Oil companies have entirely too much power around the world and harm too many people.  The companies tend to pay off the local governments and then tear into valuable land that could be used to feed millions of people.  After the companies take their oil and their money, they export it all back to rich countries as the local people continue to starve.  This happens all over the globe, especially…

Ped0philes Seek to Be Redefined As an Alternative Lifestyle Like Homosεxuality

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By Daphne R You might want to hide your children and your babies because pedοphiles have now embarked on a mission of seeking the same rights and protection afforded homosexuals through their “gay rights” activism stating that their desire for children is a sεxual orientation just as homosεxuals or heterosεxuals. Even psychiatrists are beginning to advocate for pedοphiles just as they did for homosεxuals in 1973. Back then, the American…

Coroner Needs Dental Records in Order to I.D. Paul Walker after Fatal Crash

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by Barry Burch Jr. Star of “The Fast and the Furious,” Paul Walker is deceased and countless family, friends and fans seem to be taking it pretty hard.  Unfortunately, closure is still beyond reach. Walker was riding with his business partner Roger Rodas, when the car they were in wrecked at a charity event in Santa Clarita on Saturday, as reported by eurweb.com.   Neither of the two can be identified or autopsied prior to the confirmation of…