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December 4, 2013

Why Did People Die on that Train in NY? Because the Conductor “Nodded Off”

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It’s not clear how they got this information, but we’re sure it’s going to come up in the court of law.  An engineer who was directly connected to the derailment of the train in New York admitted that he was “nodding off” and woke up too late to stop the accident.  The accident ended up taking the lives of four people and injuring 67 others, which means that he’s probably…

School Official Under Fire After Saying Girl Students ‘Dress Like Hοes’

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By: Britt L A School Support Officer has been thrown in hot water after she addressed a group of female students at a school assembly and told them they’d been dressing like…”Hοes.” In the auditorium of Jack Yates High School in Houston, Dr. Tameca Richardson exclaimed that she recently became aware of the outrageous clothing female students had been wearing around campus. According to KRIV Fox 26, a spokesperson for the…