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December 19, 2013

Harvard Student Issued Fake Bomb Threat to Get Out of an Exam

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by Barry Burch Jr. Some students will do just about anything to get out of taking a test.  A 20-year-old at Harvard represented the epitome of this truth when in an attempt to avoid taking his exam, he e-mailed bomb threats, which sparked a great deal of panic throughout the campus, as reported by The Boston Globe. The student is Eldo Kim.  He was released today in federal court after being…

Whoa: Kid Slaps the H*ell out of His Mother on the Dr. Phil Show

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What do you do with misbehaving kids?  What is the importance of having a male authority figure around?  These issues are typically up for debate, but this shocking video might show you what can happen when you have a child who has somehow been led to believe that he is the authority figure in the house. This mother was on the Dr. Phil show with her son, and they showed…