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December 26, 2013

Cabbie Finds $300,000 In His Car and Gives It Back

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by Barry Burch Jr. If you found $300,000 in your backseat, would you return it?  One cabbie in Las Vegas says definitely.  He seems to have no regrets regarding his decision to return the $300,000 in cash he found in a brown paper bag in the back seat of his cab this week. He went out of his way to make sure the money was returned to its rightful owner….

Man Caught after Rαping His Ex-Girlfriend

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By Daphne R Near Memphis, police caught a man who has been on the run for a month whom they believe is responsible for a vιolent rαpe. Pierre Polk was apprehended for allegedly beαting and rαping a Millington woman while she held her baby in her arms. The incident occurred back on November 29, but police just found Polk hiding in a area hotel on Monday night. In an interview…

More Embarassing Content on McDonald’s Employee Resource Website Forces Execs to Shut It Down

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By Daphne R Well, it looks like McDonald’s finally realized their employee resources site was more of a liability than a helpful resource and they have decided to shut it down. Why? Well, a tip was placed on the website to employees more or less telling them to avoid the fast food they actually sell. An image was posted to the site that showed a cheeseburger, fries and a drink…