Why Did People Die on that Train in NY? Because the Conductor “Nodded Off”

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It’s not clear how they got this information, but we’re sure it’s going to come up in the court of law.  An engineer who was directly connected to the derailment of the train in New York admitted that he was “nodding off” and woke up too late to stop the accident.  The accident ended up taking the lives of four people and injuring 67 others, which means that he’s probably in big trouble.

Anthony Bottalico, the union representative, said engineer William Rockefeller Jr. knows that he played a role in the deaths of all those people.

“I think most people are leaning towards human error,” Bottalico said.

The man’s attorney is trying to spin it as “highway hypnosis,” but this probably won’t fly too well in the court of law.  He says that his client has no record of disciplinary problems and got a good night’s sleep the night before the crash.

In a brief conversation with investigators, Rockefeller said that moments before the derailment of the Hudson Line train in the Bronx he was “going along and I’m in a daze. I don’t know what happened,” according to a law enforcement official familiar with that conversation.

Asked by investigators what he was thinking when he said he was dazed, the engineer said he couldn’t say. Rockefeller spoke to Metropolitan Transportation Authority and New York Police detectives at the crash site before he was taken to the hospital Sunday.

National Transportation Safety Board member Earl Weener told a news conference that Rockefeller would have had a chance to get the necessary sleep prior to his 5 a.m. shift the day of Sunday’s accident, echoing comment from Rockefeller’s lawyer.

According to NTSB representatives, results from alcohol breath tests for the train engineer were negative, and both the brake and signal systems in the deadly Metro-North accident appeared to be working. Other toxicology results have not yet come back.




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