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January 10, 2014

Four Year Old Dies After Being Burned Repeatedly With Cigarettes

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By: Britt L The Ritz Plaza in Hell’s Kitchen held its own little hell of its own for 4-year-old Myles Dobson. At about 10:50 a.m. on Wednesday, police responded to a 911 call from the luxury establishment located W. 48th Street near Eighth Avenue. When authorities arrived at the apartment, said to run about $5,000 a month for two bedrooms, they made a chilling discovery. The toddler laid in a…

How Do You End Someone’s Life with an “Atomic Wedgie”? This Man Did It

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By Barry Burch Jr. Killing someone is bad enough as it is with zero attempts at humor involved.  So when those attempts are actually made, the level of horror slides up several notches. A man who was once a marine is being accused of the murder of his stepfather, and the decision he made with regard to how to do so have many shocked and in a state of disbelief….

Man Rams Car Through a Gas Station and Then Steals a Banana

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By Barry Burch Jr. Bizarre things are happening throughout the country, but this one has left police scratching their heads in amazement. Police are now on the lookout in Newington, Connecticut.  They hope to find a man who committed a senseless yet appetite-pleasing crime.   A man backed an SUV into a gas station in Connecticut several times then sped off in the damaged vehicle, but not before stealing and…

The “World’s Ugliest Woman” is Now a Motivational Speaker

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By Daphne R Insults hurt in more ways than imaginable. When someone says words could never hurt them they’re usually just hiding behind the hurt because the reality is that negative words can cut deeply, causing depression, low self-esteem and the list goes on. But one young woman named Lizzie Velasquez, age 24, used negative words as inspiration to rise above her situation. Lizzie was once labeled as the “World’s…