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January 16, 2014

Driverless Cars May Be Soon Hitting the Market

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By Barry Burch Jr. Ever dream of grabbing some shut-eye on your way home, or perhaps on your way to work?  That may be possible sooner than you think. In 2004, Will Smith appeared in the movie “I-Robot” in a self-driving car.  Now, just ten years later, the idea seems to have become a reality.  According to Bjorn Giesler of Audi, “You can just say, ‘hey, I do not want…

Man Says He Hasn’t Taken a Bath in 60 Years

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By Stephanie Allen-Gobert He’s single and looking for love! 80 year old, Amou Haji has a couple set- backs that might deter the normal bachelorette who is looking for love.  Mr. Haji has not washed for 60 years and he smokes animal feces. Mr. Haji chose this way of life after some emotional setbacks in his youth. Amou Haji has not washed for 60 years, because he believes being clean…