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January 19, 2014

Woman Spent Her Life Seeking The Man Who Helped Her Get Out Of Hεll

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By David Bloodsaw An amazing story reported by NBCphiladelphia.com about a woman searching for the man that rescued her from Vietnam. Kim Delevett saw the play Ms. Saigon, which compelled her to search for the man that rescued her in 1975 in Vietnam. It took her 18 years to find the man who helped her. Delevett saw the play in 1992 with her then boyfriend (now husband) that prompted her…

HIV Infection Often Linked To Heart Problems

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By David Bloodsaw It appears that patients infected with the AIDS virus are susceptible to early heart conditions. According to The New York Times people with H.I.V. have heart attacks earlier in age and more often. Experts feel that many doctors and specialist are not aware of this threat. “I think most cardiologists and most H.I.V. specialists are not really aware of this,” said Dr. Priscilla Y. Hsue, a cardiologist at San…

Babysitter Murders 2-Year Old And Gets A Very Short Sentence

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By Dr. Sinclair Grey III Whenever you read about a child losing their life because of neglect, you can’t help but feel heartbroken. A child full of laughter and so much potential has lost it all at the hands of someone who didn’t care about them. That’s the story of Elijah Nealey, a loving child who didn’t get a chance to see his second birthday due to the gross misconduct…

Mayor Says NJ Governor Refused to Give Adequate Sandy Relief Money for Political Reasons

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by Liku Zelleke When Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast of the US in October 2012, 80% of the City of Hoboken was under water. Reports are now emerging that when the city’s mayor, Dawn Zimmer, asked for relief money she was told that her town wouldn’t receive the funds unless she approved a financially profitable redevelopment plan that was backed by Governor Chris Christie. The mayor said that of…