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January 21, 2014

Hollywood’s Golden Boy Has A Very Checkered Past

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By Connie K. Grier A twist of fate and a belief in your abilities can take you far on your road to success.  Add to that the will to never surrender, and you’re more than halfway there. I’m sure Barkhad Abdi wasn’t consciously thinking these things as he received the news in the wee hours of the morning that he was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.  As…

Shooting at Purdue University Leaves One Dead

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  A tragedy has unfolded at Purdue University this morning.  It appears that details are still developing, but at least one person is dead and one arrested after a shooting that has gripped the national media.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this terrible tragedy.  CNN tells more: (CNN) — A suspect was in custody after a reported shooting on the campus of Purdue University, a…

Dope Dealer Busted with $1.3M in Cocaine for Talking on His Cell While Driving

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by Liku Zelleke What was supposed to be a routine traffic stop has netted a haul of cocaine worth a reported street value of $1.3 million. The driver was originally stopped in Joliet, a suburb of Chicago, Il., on the 10th of January, 2014, for talking on his cell phone while driving on an interstate highway. His name is Sylvain Bergeron and he is 42. By profession he is a…

Military Officer Says We’re Headed Toward a Global Energy Crisis

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by Liku Zelleke Although it might not come across as news to most of us, our current usage of fossil fuels cannot be sustained if we are to avoid dire consequences. This fact was the main agenda of a transatlantic meeting that was held in mid-December of 2013. The “Transatlantic Energy Dialog“, held via video link, was sponsored and co-organized by a US Army official, Lt. Colonel Daniel L. Davis…

Yahoo Exec Gets $100 Million Payday For Doing His Job Poorly

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By Connie K. Grier A person’s pay upon hiring says a lot about the expectations and the faith that the company has around bringing that individual on board. But when a new hire is given a huge sum on their way out of the door, it raises the corporate eyebrow, so to speak. According to Mashable, Henrique de Castro was hired away from Google to help turn Yahoo around as…

Missing New Jersey Couple Found Dead

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By Daphne R Late in the month of December a young couple went missing in northern New Jersey. Prosecutors now say the couple has been found dead in a car inside the girlfriend’s detached garage. There have been no details released concerning the actual cause of death for 24 year old Jorge Rodriguez and his girlfriend, 25 year old Melissa Pereira. Authorities say the couple was found dead at 11:15…

Colorblind Man Hits His Head And Now Sees Everything

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By Lillian Armstead Richard Riggs, a 70 year old from Yakima, Washington fell and hit the right side of his head.  Unlike most people, he didn’t see stars – but colors.  Richard, a music teacher by trade told the Daily News, that before the fall, he was only able see certain colors.  But after the fall, he had the ability to see a full spectrum of colors and hues. As…