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January 22, 2014

Disrespect? Sculptors Put a Bronze Rabbit in the Ear of a Nelson Mandela Statue

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If you don’t live in Africa, you may not understand all of the customs or insinuations.  But this one doesn’t make sense to anyone.  Why would someone put a bronze rabbit in the ear of Nelson Mandela? People are asking about this, and a spokesoman has said that dignity is going to be restored no matter what.   Why in the world they would do something like this, it’s hard…

Police Looking For More Suspects In Beating Death of Woman Outside Nightclub

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David Bloodsaw A young woman was beaten to death while waiting outside at a club in Santa Ana, California. Kim Pham, 23-years-old was waiting in line at a club and brutally beaten following an argument with a group of people. She was declared brain dead that night and died from the injuries. A suspect has been arrested for suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and causing great bodily harm….

Carl Lewis Says NJ Gov. Christie Tried to Intimidate Him Out of Politics

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Recent allegations against Chris Christie, who once said that he was going to try and run for President, have put his political future in a whole different light.  It turns out that he is as crooked as anyone, and engages in the kind of gangster diplomacy that Americans don’t want to hear about.  Truth be told, many of these politicians are equally crooked.  Remember that President Obama buddied up with…

Dangerous Train Derailment in Philly Nearly Destroys a Bridge

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Do you ever wonder about the trains and such that come through your neighborhood?  What are they carrying?  What can happen if something goes wrong?  Philly is a danger zone for this sort of thing, since there are a lot of railroads that do their work in the state of Pennsylvania.  Remember that movie starring Denzel Washington about the train derailment and how dangerous it can be?  That was a…