Evelyn Lozada’s Ex-Husband Is Still Struggling

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chad-johnson-carpeBy April Taylor

Chad Johnson, who was formerly known as Chad Ochocinco during his time as an NFL wide receiver, appears to have avoided a financial pitfall by catching up the payments on an investment apartment that he is co-owner of in Miami, Florida.  This near miss should come as no surprise as he is not currently signed with an NFL team due to criminal charges related to issues with domestic violence against his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada.  Apparently he owed monthly maintenance fees of $863 as well as an additional $30,000, but he was luckily able to make these payments to avoid being forclosed on.

Even with this positive step forward, Johnson appears to have taken a step backward over the holiday.  A report on TMZ states that Johnson evidently went shopping on Christmas Eve in a shirt that stated, “CARPE THAT F**KING DIEM.”

For someone who is trying to clean up his image and stay on the straight and narrow, this was definitely not a good move in terms of positive publicity.  When TMZ questioned Johnson about his decision to wear the shirt, his response was that he should have gone into the store with no shirt. Although this may have solved the issue of going into a children’s toy story with a shirt that contained profanity, it still would have most likely generated negative publicity for the star who has already had his share of it.

Making one step forward and two steps back seems to be the way Chad Johnson operates.  Although no one can argue with the fact that he is a talented wide receiver, his ego and bad decisions have repeatedly put him in situations that have cost him dearly.  Some people never learn to make responsible decision regarding their actions, and Johnson appears to be one of those people who has not quite learned how to consider the consequences of his actions prior to doing something that may generate negative attention or press.  For his sake, I hope he learns soon to consider the consequences of his actions before he makes bad decisions.



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