Four Year Old Dies After Being Burned Repeatedly With Cigarettes

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boy dies from cigarette burnsBy: Britt L

The Ritz Plaza in Hell’s Kitchen held its own little hell of its own for 4-year-old Myles Dobson.

At about 10:50 a.m. on Wednesday, police responded to a 911 call from the luxury establishment located W. 48th Street near Eighth Avenue.

When authorities arrived at the apartment, said to run about $5,000 a month for two bedrooms, they made a chilling discovery.

The toddler laid in a dry bathtub, unconscious, littered in cigarette burns and defensive wounds.

Dobson was later pronounced dead at St. Luke’s Hospital in Hell’s Kitchen.

Apparently, Dobson wasn’t alone in the apartment. Dobson’s 37-year-old unidentified babysitter was present during the incident and was the 911 caller.

Police say after interviewing the caretaker, she insisted that she placed Myles on a counter in the bathroom and left him briefly to take care of other priorities.

She then heard a loud noise, ran back into the bathroom, and found Myles in the bath tub unconscious.

Investigators initially had questions about the woman’s story, because the tot’s body was covered in freshly poked cigarette burns and wounds that appeared to have been sustained when trying to defend himself.

His body was also badly bruised, reported NY Daily News.

After an autopsy, a medical examiner will determine Myle’s cause of death.

“It looks like we’re going to charge her,” said an officer to the Daily News.

Despite all signs pointing to the suspicious caretaker, an actual decision hasn’t been made because it’s “too early”, claimed an investigator.

It was not clear who the toddler’s legal guardian was, but he had been a resident at the luxury apartment since December.

Officials at the city Administration for Children’s Services say they have previously investigated complaints involving the boy, so they are also looking into the boy’s death.

After his mother lost custody, Myles was sent to live with his father, 37-year-old Okee Wade, who was later imprisoned in New Jersey and remains behind bars.

Residents of the apartment say they are shocked and stunned by this sudden tragedy.

“I have a baby too…that’s scary,” a woman said to NY News while pushing a stroller.

The woman, who’s a tenant at the apartment, says building officials have not told residents anything about the boy’s death.



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