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Ludacris Spends More on His Pets than He Wants to Spend on His Baby

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by David Miller

The rapper Ludacris is the second-most-famous celebrity this week to announce that he has a new baby that no one knew about.  The rapper recently started court proceeding to come to financial terms with Tamika Fuller, who has the privilege of giving birth to his latest child.

But Tamika isn’t happy with the way the court battle has gone so far, after Luda made an obnoxious request of the judge.  The rapper and his lawyers have asked that the courts cap out his child support payments to just $1,700 per month.

This may seem like a lot of money to the average person, but it’s not even chump change for someone of Luda’s caliber.  Ludacris, whose real name is Chris Bridges, reportedly earned around $80 million dollars between 2006 and 2012.  Over a seven year period, that’s about$11.5 million dollars per year, almost million dollars per month, or about $33,000 per day.

According to TMZ, Luda spends about $7,000 per month just to take care of his lawn.  He also spends $5,000 taking care of his pets.   So, in comparison to lawns and pets, a newborn baby must be at the bottom of the list.

Fuller, as expected, is disappointed that Chris would make a baby with her and then ask to pay less for his child than he does for his lawn, so she is demanding that he pay all of her attorney’s fees.  She also wants a whole lot more than $1,700 per month.

For the record, Ludacris is still doing pretty well financially.  According to the LA Times, he just bought a new house in LA for $4.08 million after owning two condos in the same building, each worth over $800,000.

What do you think?  Is she being a gold digger and asking for money for her personal needs, or is she making a legitimate claim?  If he were to take partial custody of his child, would $1,700 be enough to take care of the baby?




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  1. Um, $1700.00? Please! That isn’t even enough to pay decent rent ANYWHERE!! Gold digger or not, he should have thought about that before he was “diggin” Tamika!
    Why should the child and the mother live beneath what they should? I’m not saying she shouldn’t get a job, but he needs to pay!

    • It’s not his job to pay for the rent. She needs to get a job. The $1700 is for the child’s needs, clothes food daycare. The rest moms needs to take care since she has custody. If she is unable to provide shelter then she needs to give up custody to dad.

    • The problem is that women CONTINUE to have kids with men that won’t make a commitment to them. Are these women EVER gonna learn that having kids with a man that refuse to make a commitment is an absolute Dead End. Even a child can understand this basic concept. Listen up ladies- for years men have used women for sexx and chances are simple minded women will continue to be used for sexx . Unless these women enjoy being tossed like trash then kicked to the curb, It is their responsibility to STOP being stupid by having unprotected sexx with men that are non committal.

      • Woman used men for sex all the time it shows that you dont get out much, I do agree woman shouldnt gave up the cookies until theres a commitment of marriage but in the real world it doent happen that way.

        She needs to get a job….

  2. Yes this young lady is a hold digger. $1700.00 a month is enough to take care of a baby , not a grown ads woman. Men you better cover your assets to prevent having drama in your life. The baby is going to suffer and will be used as a pawn by the mom. The day don’t want to be bothered with another baby. So who is caught in the middle? Mom get of your ratchet a** and get a job.

    • Rainfall…

      You and Kaleo and any other d@mn foul-mouth fools who think like you just need to shut the h*ll up because yo sorry a$$ just want to be heard.
      Your just a bunch of d@mn female dogs, so just get yo sorry a$$e$ down on all 4’s and start barking like the bytchs you really are. You hate kids, I pray that you lose every fight you contend with.

  3. You all are nuts! $1700 is a joke and in utter insult.

    First, as a man Luda should want to make sure his child and child’s mother aren’t living like poor people. He should pay their rent, food, car note to transport the child, health insurance, electricity, child’s private school when he/she comes of age and move them into an upscale neighborhood… If they aren’t in one already… Just to name a few.

    Children are not cheap, and the more famous you are… Your child should reap the benefits.

    • Amen…!!!
      Plezz tell the stupid f*ks again… what has this world come too, put Luda-a$$-hole under the d@mn jail and lock his stupid ignorant donkey a$$ down with tons and tons of concrete. This stupid muth@-f*k-up has no brains, absolutely no intelligence at all. Isn’t it d@mn obvious Luda is a RANDOM-brain-dead-jigga-FOOL and all of the above, just a d@mn shame / lost for words / menace to society.

  4. First I am a mother of 5 sons so I know children are not cheap. However, I do think she’s a gold digger, just because he is famous doesn’t mean she isn’t responsible for the child, it should be equal parts. 1700 is enough money to support one child. Child support is to support the child not the mothers expensive living habits. And if she had a job then she could combined the two incomes and live in a decent place. Why should he have to make her life easy just because they had a kid. I agree people need to stop being so careless but that goes for her as well. But she didn’t care about getting pregnant by him because all she saw was dollar signs.

  5. Luda seriously?? 1700?? I agree the kid should have the same lifestyle as he does. If he was so protected over his assets, he should have invested into some condoms. He made his own bed so he should lye in it. What a dumb ass.

  6. If he is taking partial custody then 1700.00 is enough cuz he still have to support that child while she is in his care! Asking for more and having full custody is one thing but if he is taking half the responsible half of the year she can handle the rest! Shit I have 3 kids by a regular Guy and only get 400 a month and I have them ALL YEAR ROUND

  7. TMZ should stay outta this settlement business… You give a man a chance to step up, to warm up.. Especially before lawyering up over the man’s assets.., There’s plenty of time for that and LUDA a smooth dude people should know better., But the fact that the baby’s mother jump this soon without making a motherly history of that monthly $1700. first says a few things… I’d would want to know if she’s a good mother 1st… Or a reality-show wannabee…

  8. He brought this on hisself! Nigga strap up and you wouldn’t have this problem! So since the lil dude stuck his lil stick in an old school biddy and was hanging out with her and gets her prego now she she is some type of jump off! People get yall life. At the end of the day there is an innocent baby involved in this matter. Half of you broads are mad because u don’t have a celebrity baby daddy so you don’t get nothing but crumbs but if ur bd was a celebrity then you would be taking action like she is! 1700 is NOT ENOUGH TO TAKE CARE OF NO KID I DONT CARE WHO THE DADDY IS….. IT SAD YOU WILL SPEND $5000 ON YOUR PETS BU AND YOUR TRYING TO SAY YOU ONLY MAKE $25,000 a month. DAN (dumb ass nigga)LOOK HOW U DO UR BABY GIRL!!! How will you explain this to this babygirl when someone tells her about her dad or when she finally decides to read about her dad and she see this! HE WILL HAVE TO ANSWER TO HER ONE DAY ABOUT THIS…… Tami keep ur head up! KARMA

    • That’s right!!! Amen!
      Get all these stupid-brain-dead-muth@-f*k-ups straight, this article has just pissed me off, and every sick-a$$ fool who is condoning this low-down dirty Jigg@s BS is clueless and lost. Luda should have kept his nasty a$$ pickle-pencil a$$ knob in his d@mn dirty drawls… end of story.

  9. Who wants his own child to know that he’s willing to support a dog with three times more money that he is willing to spend on him?
    Ludacris should at least show that he cares as much about his child as he does his dog! Give Fuller a dog’s portion of $7000 a month, too!

    People forget that children grow up to become adults as well. It would not bode well later on for his child to look like, talk like, and act like Ludacris but hate him, because “my rich daddy thought more of his dog then he did me”.

    KARMA or Truth: “Whatsoever you sow that shall you also reap.”

  10. This is the typical comment thread… but the bottom line is this, Luda or any other father for that fact is bound by law to commit to financial support of the child, NOT THE MOTHER! that is why the income and earning of BOTH parents are considered and NOT just one or the other… and the ignorant person who commented that he should not be allowed to see the child if he can’t come better than $1,700 a month is pathetic, child support, and visitation are not ever co-mingled in the eyes of the law. I am SICK TO DEATH of these Chicken Head / Hood Rats trying to act as if they know the law, because they hemmed up some brother who was either to trife, or two whipped to actually higher an attorney to fight for their rights… Whatever state they are in, has guidelines that cap child support. A judge has to be given substantial factors that make deviating from those guidelines necessary (extraordinary needs of the child ie medical, education, etc). We need to get rid of this (Child=come up) formula…. Handle yo business Luda!

  11. @KSM.., Your complete right.. Plus like I mentioned earlier LUDA is a class act he’s not going dog this women out… A history with that $1700 will say more about her character (as a mother) than a chickenheads trying to get her a payday… The DNA & lawyers aren’t going nowhere (what’s the hurry)…

  12. their are a lot of greedy women out there fishing for a baby. but with the money he makes at least give her the same amount you pay to have your grass cut or dogs feed.

  13. Everyone calm down please! It is all a negotiation… He starts his bid at $1,700 a month. Her lawyer needs to get him above his lawn and pet care numbers. I believe that Chris will do the right thing by this child as he has apparently done by his daughter. Everyone who has children knows that $1,700 a month is not sufficient for even the care of a child born into a working class family.

    Consider the following please:

    * Uncovered medical expenses and co-pay amounts (Babies are required to be medically evaluated regularly.) Some of the fees my husband and I paid for were (2 baby surgeries, respiratory treatments, humidifier, thermometer, breast pumps so baby could get special Mother nutrients, special vitamins, special creams for baby skin condition, etc…
    * Competent Child Care so that we both could work to pay for the above…
    * Baby Food, Appliances and assorted apparatuses for baby comfort and stimulation. My baby loved her crib mobiles as she mastered hand, eye coordination, she ripped them down $30.00 a piece… Crib, Crib sheets, crib bumpers, diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream to prevent rash, special bottles and pacifiers (my baby had certain preferences, she would spit out the nipples that were not to her preference and begin to cry until the preferred nipple and pacifier was found.) My baby was always hot, in the summer we had to invest in an air conditioner to keep the environment cool or she would lose her mind and we would be disturbing the neighbors… She loved her swing and high chair which I found costly. She didn’t like her stroller… We had a wind up swing but had to purchase a more expensive one that ran on batteries because of her usage needs… She liked standing in interactive toys but did not like anything that constricted her independence. We had to adapt as we learned her preferences.
    * Mommy and Me, Baby Yoga and anything that will increase and stimulate baby is necessary! Especially if baby is to be ready for a quality Preschool. There are assessment tests for entry, so you better be ready!
    * Let’s not talk about if there is a problem… Early Enrichment with a Developmental Pediatrician, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Speech Therapist all are ancillary costs if you have assets… We sacrificed and paid for Dance Movement, Swim, Gymnastics and Ballet Classes at age 3 for our daughter and we are working poor. We were committed to doing better for our child than what we were afforded…

    *Do you know that babies should see a Pediatric Dentist for vitamin treatments on baby teeth at the time they emerge? Do you know that babies should see a Opthamologist as young as 6 months old. My daughter was diagnosed with a condition at said time… All uncovered by medical insurance…

    In closing, things have changed, times have changed… Gone are the days where Mothers fed babies canned Milk and Honey. That’s what the Old Divas shared at my baby shower… Can you imagine feeding a baby condensed milk with honey now? The bacteria in honey would kill a baby in 2014 and the doctors are mandated reporters. The child welfare authorities would immediately remove your child. My first baby sitter was an elderly woman who thought that she was doing something special for our daughter by wiping her bottom with Ivory soap, Water and a Quality Wash Cloth as opposed to using the wipes that we provided. When the baby got a yeast infection and the pediatrician queried us all on practices, it was discovered that this nice, old lady was using outdated practices without our knowledge. The doctor said that she had washed away all of the the natural defenses with that Ivory Soap… The babysitter had used that method with her 2 grown sons without any problems… Go figure! Anyway, $1,700 a month, what in the hell is that supposed to pay for with a celebrity child and his needs. Security alone and I am only thinking about a sophisticated home system to prevent break in’s. Families of celebrities are subject to home invasions and kidnapping. Chris will pay more to get his kid back if he is kidnapped, it is CRAZY out there! No $1,700 will not do at all!

  14. You’re crazy if you don’t think 1700 a month is enough to raise a child! Those of you who have children aren’t spending nearly that much on your child! That’s 378,000 over 18 years, and all the perks the baby is gonna get from being ludacris’s child will even out the rest. You women that are saying she deserves more are gold diggers, a baby does not equate to a pay check, or at least it shouldn’t! She can afford to live in the nicest part of town with that, and if she works, and is intelligent she can more than take care of the both of them with a part time job. Y’all aren’t being real.

  15. Sista from the Bronx need to be the baby momma lawyer! H.I.V is real and the celebrities are not immune. Sad a beautiful educated woman like Luda’s girlfriend will experience more heartbreak and infections because of her rich celebrity boyfriend who is living a reckless lifestyle. No 1,700.00 per month is not enough. Giving birth to his child is PRICELESS

  16. Black women need to stop giving theyre ability to reproduce to every dude. Luda should pay at least 3,000 but no more. Let baby mama get a job and pay her share.

  17. The ONLY woman Luda is LEGALLY obligated to financially provide for would be a wife. He is not responsible for taking care of his baby mama. If Luda is doing what Bosh PROVED he was doing, which is having his daughter covered under his medical and dental insurance, paying the full cost of her private school tuition and all expenses related, all extracurricular activities and expenses, has a college fund and a trust fund set up for her…the only money Bosh baby mama gets her hands on is the $2,000 in supplemental child support. And I see Bosh baby mama made herself scarce after the letter from Bosh attorneys to her ignorant azz, ratchet attorney, detailing and proving that Bosh does support the kid…and telling her that she should endeavor to embark on having her own career instead of continuing to attempt to extort more money from Bosh…AFTER he gave her a check for $250,000 in 2010 or 2011…and a year and a half later she went on all the ghetto blogs, lied and said she was crying out to Bosh for help because she lost her job. Once she was proven a liar, poof! no more whining from this goldigging chick. If Ludas baby mama starts kicking up dust, he needs to hire the same attorneys Bosh had. Im rooting for Luda and I root for brothas paying court ordered child support only to find baby mama tying to extort money for trips, expensive shoes and handbags and getting their hair and nails done. And yes Im a black woman and support good brothas doing the right thing. Oh and Luda can spend as much money on his lawn and pets as he pleases, its HIS money, he earned it and earned the right to spend it however he pleases.

  18. Correction: $2,700 in supplemental child support Bosh pays his baby mama.

  19. What’s more important then how much child support the child gets is how much quality time will he spend with his child. Money can buy a lot of things but it can not buy the genuine love of his father! What good does it do for this child to have the best things money can buy but lacks the identity of his father!

  20. its sad how some black sisters will break down another sister now how do you know that she’s going to waste the money and not have a college fund taking care of children is expensive why her child can t have the best shes doing right advocate for your children its not like he dont have it if she dont who will she know him and the life style he brought her into she was no one night stand .Girls stop beating your sista’s down smh dont even know her and boys pull up your pants man up and stop hating on her

    • Amen Ladee Cee…

  21. For one it’s called “child support” the mother should support herself so yes 1700 can take care of a child. We’re talking pampers,food,clothes(whi h isn’t needed monthly),and copays to the doctor. Now going to doctor could get a little expensive but im sure he has to pay the baby health insurance on top of the 1700.

  22. The first issue is that black women need to stop having kids by men they aren’t married to. If a law was created that unwed women are not entitled to support from a babydaddy or the government these tricks would find some birth control. B@stard kids are ruining our communities. Men have been using women for sex since the beginning of time. Black women love to say “it takes two” It only takes 1 to go to the abortion clinic.

  23. Lol @ redbone calling other women foul mouth fools and just about every word she typed was a cuss word. No need in you getting angry because of someone else opinion. Yes 1700 is enough and you can cuss me out all you want. This lady wanted to get pregnant by this man cause she knew he had money her motives were wrong but she didn’t care now this will be one more black child without a father in the home because she felt if she slept with him she can retire early. She had no concern at all for this black child being in the number of single moms and no father. Girl please

  24. @ Lady Cee – sorry but I dont think like most black women. My uterus is MINE to protect and Ive been diligent with that since I was 19 and at 25 Im still handling it with the man who asked me to marry him. I love dude to death but TRUST he wont be planting not ONE of his seeds in me until I get the license and the wedding band and UNTIL we’re READY to start PLANNING our family so, until then, its my quarterly depo shots and his wearing condoms. And best believe on my fertile days he WILL wear condoms. We dont want any surprises. Thats how GROWN WOMEN handle their sheit, we dont give away our ability to reproduce to any old dude, we protect it until the time is right. Baby mama aint a title befitting me, WIFE AND MOTHER, now thats what Im talking about! Yeah we’re all starry eyed for each other but Im about business and yeah marriage is about love and that other stuff but its a business and a partnership and thats how we deal, no sloppy accidents. Cant hang with that. Lotta black women dont think like I do and thats cool but I value my ability to reproduce and Ill be damned if I hand it over to a dude who just wants to dump in me hell no! Im BETTER than that. Wife and mother only. Within 2-3 h
    years AFTER marriage.

    • Dee you are dead on correct, and I too don’t think like most women. You have The Power….

  25. The father should not be responsible for 100% of the child’s living expenses but usually the courts hit you up based on your income and I’m sure Luda knows this and should have made sure he didn’t leave his seed behind. His best bet would have been to negotiate an agreement with the mother and present it to the courts for approval.
    He’s gonna have to pay out more then 1700

  26. And you wonder why he calls himself Ludacris.

  27. All I have to say is this is sad , This is why black families are so destroyed because of situations like these. Both people are responsible and we do not know if this young lady doesnt have a job or not. He knew young lady so she is not like his side chick, and if he was so in love with lady he is with he wouldn’t have a reason to be sleeping with this lady. He needs to pay a little more and they need to share custody.

  28. I’m pretty sure that he will provide in other ways for this child ,that’s if he’s a respectable person

  29. Really? Let’s talk about improving our lives(i.e. schools, neighborhoods, families,ownership in our used to be communities/neighborhoods).

  30. I feel that the both of them had this child, and if he is paying for the child’s support the mom is not his wife whom would be entitled to half. Not to diminish the child but this man worked very hard to establish himself with financial freedom she does not automatically get that life style just because they have a child. If she wanted that she should have planned to marry him first then have his child. That’s the way God intended it to be. We have gotten so far away from the life God intended for ALL of us to live. Please ladies we can have a voice on bringing children into the world since men don’t alway look out.

  31. child support is just that. to support the child. I use mine for whatever. He needs lights, he needs a roof over his head, he needs uniforms for school, he needs groceries. So whatever I feel I need to spend that money on…I will. I don’t work to support me…i work to support him. he is a teenager and he has grown man feet so the 49.99 tennis shoes just don’t work anymore. It’s all about 89-199.oo. And don’t let the kids, boy or girl be a fashionista. OMG!!! Then it’s LRG, Ecko,Polo,SeanJean,Mecca, Drunkin MOnkey or whatever. so child support supports that kid. The state says that they have to have a place to stay, food to eat, and clothes to wear and if my child support has to assist in all of that then so it shall.

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