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College Student Accused of Sεxx Extortion

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Dorian GrahamBy Brandon Simmons

An Ohio University student is being charged with extortion after blackmailing another student for sεx through socia media. According to WBNS-10TV, Dorian Graham, 19, posed as a female to trick a male student into sending him naked photos then turned around and blackmailed that student to have sεx with him through Snapchat.

“‘She began to flirt with him, and got to the point in which they sent naked pictures to each other over Snapchat,” said Athens County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn.

Snapchat is a mobile app where people send pictures to each other but they are deleted within a few seconds automatically but there is still time for someone to take a screenshot which is exactly what happened in this case. Court records show that the suspect continued posing as a female and contacted the victim to tell him that the pictures he sent were posted on Instagram, a website used primarily for sharing photos and videos. The victim saw the photos and begged for them to be removed but Graham threatened that unless the victim had sεx with another male they were going to leave the photos up and add the victim’s friends to the post.

Graham was actually the male the victim had sεx with in the Adams Hall building on campus. After the first encounter, Graham pressured the victim to do it again but the victim refused and threatened to call police. Graham insisted he did and cops were called. Blackburn warns to people about monitoring what is posted on social media.

“It’s just another instance of social media and people being too free with their thoughts and what they’re doing,” he said. “We have to remember that when we do things involving social media, that these things are out there forever.”

Graham is free on bail bond but is facing four felonies.



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