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February 1, 2014

Woman Raped in Dubai, then Gets Charged with Having Sexx Outside of Marriage

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You never really know what’s going to happen when you take a vacation.  A woman found that a visit to the middle east might be tough, since women’s rights just aren’t the same as they are here. An Austrian woman, who is believed to be Muslim, reportedly went to a party in Dubai where alcohol had been served.  She says that she was approached by a man of Yemeni descent,…

Busted: Gov. Chris Christie’s former Aide Says He Knew about Bridge Closings

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It’s amazing how one little scandal can turn you from a presidential hopeful into deadmeat.  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was once a high flier in American politics, but that’s not true anymore.  Ever since it was revealed that his office may have made the decision to shut down a bridge as political payback, the world has been coming down on him.  Now, recent allegations may be the nail in…