Dealer Distributed Over A Ton Of Cocaine Before Getting Busted

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Garnett Gilbert SmithBy Afiya J. Watkins

Garnet Gilbert Smith is one of Baltimore’s biggest drug dealers ever. He was convicted in federal court and jailed for 25 years for shipping massive quantities of cocaine- and living the good life complete with all of the typical, ill-gotten trappings. He purchased jewelry, designer clothes, exotic cars, and luxury properties with the earnings.

Garnett Gilbert Smith’s lavish life was revealed in a Baltimore court, where he was found guilty of shipping drugs from California to Maryland between 2010 and 2011.

“More than a ton of cocaine he imported into Maryland. That’s only over the course of an 18 month period of time,” said U.S. attorney Rod Rosenstein.

The 44-year-old cleared $10,000 profit on each kilogram, raking in more than $10 million in total, according to court documents. Prosecutors say he also trafficked heroin.

Smith spent the cash frivolously on stays at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills – where rooms can reach $1,000 a night. He also owned or rented numerous properties in Baltimore, Georgia, Virginia and California.

His fleet of cars was also vast, boasting an impressive 19 luxury vehicles, including a $162,300 Lamborghini Murcielago, a $219,000 2009 Maybach, a $165,000 Aston Martin and motorcycles worth up to $65,000.

Baltimore Sun reported his designer wardrobe included items from Gucci, Cartier and Louis Vuitton after authorities seized $258,000 worth of shoes, belts, pants, glasses, belts, hats and bags from his Atlanta storage unit. They also took $1.1 million in jewelry from his condo in Studio City, California, and $741,000 in cash – some hidden in speakers and tool boxes – from his Maryland home.

Authorities claim that Garnett Gilbert Smith was pulling in so much illegal cash; he turned to luxury goods to launder the money.

Flip through just some of what federal prosecutors seized from 44-year-old Garnett Gilbert Smith of Baltimore, and it adds up to almost $7 million. The source of all this loot and also the key to the case against Smith primarily has to do with the mode of delivery. Traffic turns out to be a key word.

Smith chose the interstate–cocaine driven in from California to Baltimore, with money going back to suppliers in California.

Smith’s operation used vehicles customized and outfitted with secret compartments, which were tucked in with other cars on transport trucks.

“One of the things that tripped him up is one of his shipments was intercepted by the state police in Arkansas,” said Rosenstein.

Reportedly, more than $2.3 million in cash was recovered.

It was not difficult for investigators to follow the trail of money which eventually lead to purchases like a condo in Beverly Hills, $1 million in jewelry and thigh end luxury cars.

These are common ways to launder money.

“Because drug dealers generate significant amounts of cash, they need to find ways to spend that cash,” Rosenstein said.

Rosenstein said that helped lead to Smith’s downfall, and that crime only paid for a while.

“What you don’t see is after the 18 months of living the high life, the 20 or 30 years they spend in a concrete prison cell. And at the end of the day, that’s just not worth it,” he said.

Police also found over $700,000 in Smith’s Baltimore home as well as over $700,000 in clothing.

According to the Baltimore Sun, federal prosecutors say Garnett Smith made a profit of $8,000 on every kilo of cocaine he moved.



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