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March 12, 2014

Teenager Who Sued Parents For Cutting Her Off Makes Up With Them

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by Barry Burch Jr. Life can be full of ups and downs, especially when raising a teenager is part of the picture.  An announcement was recently made at a press conference on Wednesday that the New Jersey high school cheerleader who gained media attention after filing a lawsuit against her parents is now back living with them. A new attorney was brought on board by the parents on Tuesday.  The parents…

Model’s Breastfeeding Photo Draws Outrage

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By: Stephanie Allen-Gobert Research has shown that a mother’s breast milk is the healthiest milk for newborn babies. The benefits of breast milk are amazing. With the amazing benefits, you would think many would be happy to see model and new mother Ashley Nicole breastfeeding her newborn, but many were disgusted at the sight. Last week on Instagram Ashley Nicole posted a picture of her baby latched to nipple, breastfeeding….

You’ll never believe what this organization did to highlight slavery

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By Liku Zelleke March 8th, is International Women’s Day, a day that is celebrated worldwide. Globally, conferences, meetings, commemoration for notable women and awareness programs are the normal agenda. Year after year the same routines are repeated, almost making the day a predictable one. This year something was different. Catapult, an online crowdfunding site, took the initiative of bringing the attention to problems faced by girls and women across the…

Mr. T gets sued for $5M by his long lost son for abandoning him

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by Barry Burch Jr. Mr. T, born Laurence Tureaud, has been out of the loop of popular culture for quite some time, but he has not been absent from the court room.  A lawsuit was filed against him by a man named Alexander Taylor in June of 2013 for $5.4 million.  He claims to be the actor’s abandoned son and says that because he was abandoned by Mr. T, he…