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March 18, 2014

Ashley Simpson Really Wants To Marry Diana Ross’ Son

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By: Stephanie Allen-Gobert “Honestly, we could go and get married right now, wherever,” Evan Ross told E!Online during a recent interview. Ross was speaking about the love of his life and his future wife, Ashlee Simpson. The couple cannot wait to say, “I do.” Ross told E!Online the news while promoting his indie, The Wilderness of James, at SXSW. “We just want to be married. We’re in love. This is…

KISS Star Doesn’t Want Rappers In The Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame

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By: Stephanie Allen-Gobert This time maybe he should have kept his tongue in his mouth! Gene Simmons known for using his tongue in his shows to excite his female fans used it in a wrong way by lashing out during a recent interview with Radio.com, at the induction of Hip Hop artists into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (RNRHOF). Mr. Simmons doesn’t think Hip Hop deserves the accolades…

Jailed man smuggles a 10 inch gun in his rear end

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There are some amazing things that people will do in order to evade a gun charge, but this one might take the cake.  A man in Jacksonville, Florida was pulled over on a random traffic stop, and tried to use a fake id.  This was enough to concern police, who later figured out that Michael Ward was wanted for another crime in Georgia. Also, Ward wouldn’t roll down the window…

M.I.A. gives the middle finger during Superbowl Performance and the NFL wants her to pay millions

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As The Hollywood Reporter revealed last September, the NFL has been secretly pursuing M.I.A. in arbitration in the aftermath of Super Bowl XLVI on Feb. 5, 2012. During the event, watched by nearly 167 million TV households, the Sri Lankan singer-rapper extended her middle finger during a performance of “Give Me All Your Luvin’ ” M.I.A. wasn’t paid for the event as is the custom of the league. But nevertheless,…