Judge Judy Files Her First Lawsuit Ever

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Judge_Judy_Sheindlin_VF_2012_Shankboneby Barry Burch Jr.

Judith Sheindlin, better known as Judge Judy, is usually the woman behind the bench, but if the occasion calls for it, she is not afraid to step down.  The Emmy Award winner proved that by filing her first lawsuit – Ever.

So what could be worthy of provoking this author and American lawyer to a place that though familiar is far from the reality show she has run since 1996?  The answer is using her image.

A P.I. lawyer in Hartford, CT, by the name of John Haymond has been using Judge Judy’s image without apology in pursuit of personal injury clients.  According to TMZ, the highest paid TV star was appalled when she became aware that Haymond was using “Judge Judy” clips as well as personal clips with him and his daughter in hopes of increasing business.

Moreover, Judge Judy claims to have never given an endorsement on a product or service to a single person.  Maintaining her own independent reputation has always been important to her.

“Without seeking my authorization or consent, Mr. Haymond has taken that choice away from me for his own personal gain.  I cannot tolerate that, and intend to hold Mr. Haymond financially responsible for his actions,” said the judge.

And in true Judge Judy fashion, the lawsuit is accompanied with a sure scolding.  “Mr. Haymond is a lawyer and should know better,” she said.

The advertisements do not seem to be available anywhere now.  Judge Judy potentially achieved what she wanted quite easily; well, almost.   She is also seeking $75,000 in damages.

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