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Model’s Breastfeeding Photo Draws Outrage

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Ashley-Nicole-breastfeedingBy: Stephanie Allen-Gobert

Research has shown that a mother’s breast milk is the healthiest milk for newborn babies. The benefits of breast milk are amazing. With the amazing benefits, you would think many would be happy to see model and new mother Ashley Nicole breastfeeding her newborn, but many were disgusted at the sight.

Last week on Instagram Ashley Nicole posted a picture of her baby latched to nipple, breastfeeding. Nicole, a new mother and girlfriend of Miami Dolphins’ Phillip Wheeler, stated this caption below the picture, “Was on the way out the door but then mommy duty called…Everything stops for him! #breastisbest #natureisbeautiful.”

It was a sweet mother child bonding moment and a nice endorsement for breast feeding to black moms and would be moms, especially when black mothers are underrepresented when it comes to breastfeeding. Research finds that just 54 percent of black mothers attempt breastfeeding, while the national average is 73 percent. Experts say that one of the reasons black women fall behind in breastfeeding is that women just don’t see women who look like them doing it.

“You don’t desire something you don’t see,” Micky Jones of LaLeche League, an organization that encourages moms to breastfeed, told USA Today. “In the black community, you don’t see a lot of black women breast feeding.”

Many found the picture “vulgar”, “attention-whoring,” “inappropriate” or “disgusting.” The back lash got so bad that Wheeler came to his girlfriend’s defense telling TMZ, “I wish everybody would just leave it alone.” Wheeler also noted how the reaction to his girlfriend’s picture was much different from the praise heaped on supermodel and NFL wife Gisele Bundchen when she posted a picture of herself breastfeeding her daughter as her glam squad pampered her. Wheeler didn’t understand why his girlfriend wasn’t receiving the same love. To be fair, Gisele did get her fair share of criticism, but much of it was about the lack of realism depicted in the photo than the appropriateness of the image.

Doctors agree that breastfeeding children is best for the health of the child. There are multiple national initiatives to get women to breastfeed more since the United States lags behind the rest of the world in doing so.





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