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Teenager Who Sued Parents For Cutting Her Off Makes Up With Them

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teen sued parentsby Barry Burch Jr.

Life can be full of ups and downs, especially when raising a teenager is part of the picture.  An announcement was recently made at a press conference on Wednesday that the New Jersey high school cheerleader who gained media attention after filing a lawsuit against her parents is now back living with them.

A new attorney was brought on board by the parents on Tuesday.  The parents believe this is a family matter that had no business in the court system.  They believe this all can and should be handled “in a swift and amicable” way, as reported by RolandMartinreports.com.

According to attorney Angelo Sarno, Rachel Canning, 18, “has returned home and reunited with her parents and siblings.”

He added, “Her return home is not contingent on any financial and/or other considerations.”

Privacy for the family went directly out of the window as soon as Rachel filed the lawsuit.  The parents, Sean and Elizabeth Canning lost all chances of hiding their unfortunate relationship between them and their daughter.   Moreover, following the Feb. 24 filing, the story went international.  According to the Family Division of state Superior Court in New Jersey, Rachel’s parents refused to assist her financially when she turned 18 on Nov. 1, chiefly because they did not approve of her boyfriend.

“My clients will be known for this for quite some time,” Sarno explained.  He asked that the family be given some space so that they can begin to deal with the pain of their family having become a spectacle for the international public. “As far as my clients are concerned, it’s over. It’s done,” he said.

The family was not in attendance at the press conference, and according to Sarno, they have a long process of reconciliation ahead of them.

Barry is an award-winning writer and political scientist.  His business, “Barry Writes,” provides biographies, speeches, press releases and so forth to individuals and businesses in need of potent and compelling literature.  Reach him @ Facebook.com/barrywrites and Twitter.com/barryburchjr



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