Three Children Busted For Smoking Weed At Elementary School

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By Lechette Walker

Last week at a Northern California elementary school there were three third graders caught smoking weed in the boys’ bathroom according to the local police.  This incident that has shocked the minds of the society is truly a big concern while the local police chief said that this marks the youngest pot bust that he has ever encountered.

On last Thursday a student went into the restroom and saw the boys smoking, it was two 8 year old boys and one 9 year old boy. After the student told the school administrators of the situation, they called the local law enforcement according to Sonora Police Chief Mark Stinson.

The town located in the foothills, about 130 miles east of Francisco in “Gold County” is where the incident occurred. The children were released to their parents while the investigation is ongoing.  The reports indicate that the boys seemed to not have much experience smoking and had a very small amount of marijuana.  Stinson did not provide any information on the questioning of the boys, but he did indicate that the marijuana seemed to come from several sources.

Now that the case is under investigation, the question remains on how they will deal with charging the little boys. The California law indicates that no one under 12 is charged with a crime. The first two things that they will have to determine is did the children know the difference between right and wrong and if there is a reformation program that corrects their decision making tactics available.

“The first step is- we have to determine whether they knew right from wrong,” Stinson told Reuters.

Leigh Shampian, who is the superintendent of the local school district, did not make any comments on the case at this time. She did confirm that the accounts of the incident at her local school were true.

Sources: NBC News  




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