Tiger Woods Not Bouncing Back Like He Used To

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tiger bounce backBy Dr. Sinclair Grey III

Many regard Tiger Woods as the best golfer who has ever played the game. With so much fame attached to his name and game, Woods is definitely a draw whenever and wherever he plays. His quest to catch and surpass golf great, Jack Nicholas is still within reach. However, if Woods is going to get this record, he needs to deal with his biggest adversary. It’s not his personal life. It’s not his golf swing. It’s not the different courses he plays on. It’s his health. That’s right; Woods, 38 is dealing with the effects of aging.

As you may recall, Woods was unable to finish a tournament last week complaining about back problems. Commentators quickly began to question whether he would ever win another major, but Woods isn’t listening to them.

“Love him, despise him or fall somewhere in between; if the 38-year-old Woods were to somehow win the year’s first major after getting off to the worst start in his 18-year professional career, it would be a stunning story even by Tiger’s high standards.

The will to win hasn’t changed,” he said at a Wednesday news conference at Doral, site of this week’s WGC-Cadillac Championship. “It’s physically, am I able to do it? There are times when I’ve learned this through the injuries that I’ve had. A bad back is something that is no joke.”

After spending a week getting treatment for his back, Woods appears ready to go. The will to win is a mindset that has helped Woods win in the past. Let’s face it – his mental toughness along with his talent on the golf course has made Woods one of the most revered golfers to ever play.

Some of the injuries Woods have suffered are knee injuries, wrist injuries, elbow injuries, and now back.

Golf fans are waiting see what will happen at the tournament he’s in, but more importantly, the Master’s will give some kind of indication on where Woods is mentally and physically.

Source: USA Today

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