You’ll never believe what this organization did to highlight slavery

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By Liku Zelleke

March 8th, is International Women’s Day, a day that is celebrated worldwide. Globally, conferences, meetings, commemoration for notable women and awareness programs are the normal agenda. Year after year the same routines are repeated, almost making the day a predictable one.

This year something was different.

Catapult, an online crowdfunding site, took the initiative of bringing the attention to problems faced by girls and women across the globe by using an innovative way. They launched a campaign showing covers of popular magazines and playing with their iconic titles to depict the human rights violations they face internationally – namely child marriages, modern slavery and human trafficking.

The three magazines are Bride, Good Housekeeping and Seventeen.

Bride magazine was renamed Child Bride. It was captioned “This year, 14 million girls – some as young as eight years old – will be married against their will.”

The cover portrayed articles like “583 Tales of Rape, Acid Attacks, Kidnapping” and “The Wedding You’ll Never Forget, But Wish You Could“.

Good Housekeeping was renamed Good Slavekeeping with a caption that “An estimated 1.2 million children are trafficked into slavery each year. 80% are girls.”

There were articles on “50 Recipes We Love – So easy an illiterate child could make them“, “Hide That Passport Where She Will Never Find It” and “Innovative Punishments That Really Work“.

Finally, Thirteen a parody on Seventeen magazine was captioned “In New York City, the average age at which a girl first becomes a victim of commercial sexual exploitation is 13.”

There were “articles” that would show how readers could “Hide Those Bruises with 35 Easy Makeup Tricks“, where they could find 728+ pages of “Hot Street Looks” and “OMG! The Shocking Real Life Stories You Won’t Believe, And The Police Won’t Either“.

Maz Kessler, Catapult’s founder and creative director told Mashable that although “thankfully, these are fake magazines, unfortunately, these are real problems.”

Those that are willing to do something about the abuse and suffering can choose to donate to numerous organizations supported by Catapult where 100% of the donations go towards helping the girls and women.

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