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Rush Limbaugh says people only criticize Sterling because he didn’t pay off Obama

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Reported By Liku Zelleke

Ok, it was bound to happen: someone taking the initiative and standing up to defend (well, sort of) LA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling’s, racist remarks as something that was to be expected from a “typical Hollywood Democrat” who had fallen out favor with the “Big Boss”.

Who could be a better candidate than Rush Limbaugh?

According to the Conservative radio host, Donald Sterling had been exposed to be a racist, “by Democrats” nonetheless, because he had not given President Barack Obama “enough money.”

Yes, you read it right.

Sounding surprised by the universal reaction that followed the exposure, Limbaugh announced, “This is not news to anybody who has known of this guy. This guy’s a democrat. The only reason he’s in trouble right now is he did not give enough money to Obama.”

Many were quick to catch him out on that lie. One of them was LA Times reporter and columnist, Michael Hiltzik, who sent out a tweet:

What makes anyone think Donald Sterling is a Democrat? LA County records show him    registered Republican since 1998. #DonaldSterling

Limbaugh wasn’t the only one to make that mistake though; news outlets like Fox Nation, the Daily Caller, NewsBusters and Matt Drudge, the owner of Drudge Report, all claimed that Sterling was a Democrat.

Limbaugh then went on, “All of this shock and outrage, it’s as phony as you can believe. It has been known. The guy gave money to Grey Davis. The guy gave money to Bill Bradely. He’s been donating to Democrat causes, doing what you do in Beverley Hills and L.A. to be in the A-list crowd.”

He also added, “This guy is a big Democrat … This guy was gonna get a leadership award from the NAACP L.A. chapter – the second one.”

The two people he is referring to, Grey Davis, the former Governor of California and Bill Bradley, a former US senator, are both Democrats.



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  1. Rush Limbaugh can kiss President Obama’s Sweet Black Butt, he did not need his vote nor his money to win the election nor did he need that dried up old wrinkled faced Jew’s money Donald Sterling! Rush is nothing more than a racist pill popping doper, the only difference between him and the doper living on the street is the fact that he has money! Rush Limbaugh you can take the White trash out of the trailer park, dress him up, give him plenty of money, give him a Cuban cigar but you can’t take the trash out of you! You are still nothing but White trash!

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