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White Civil Rights Activist Says His Friends Don’t Believe He’s A White Guy

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michael-skolnikBy Lechette Walker

Michael Skolnik speaks out about being a white civil rights activist while expressing his views on the racial tension within our current society. He was raised in West Chester, New York, where he was exposed to an upper middle class neighborhood. His tenacious spirit was evoked with an altered passion after his interest was sparked by the momentous election of President Obama in 2008.

“When [President] Obama was elected I told myself I’ve got to be part of that,” he said. “This incredible energy that’s swept the nation.”

Skolinik who is now 35, decided to leave his success in film making to devote his attention to social justice. Russell Simmons hired Skolinik as his political dictator; and, he also serves as president and the editor in chief of Globalgrind.com. His ambitious spirit expresses his voice for equality and compassion for all.

“If I’m white then it’s confusing. If I’m mixed [race] it’s an easier story to tell. If I’m a light-skinned African-American then it’s a really easy story to tell.”

“If I’m white, then wait a second, we’ve never heard a white person talk like that.”

His popularity has spiked drastically with media platforms are requesting commentary and speaking engagements from him. The college educated white American has not been restricted to a box of conformity, but he has arrived to his purpose with no regret.

“As my work deepens and as my profile becomes more public I get more criticism. I get it, but I’m not offended by the criticism because we are at a very challenging time when it comes to race in this country.”

Skolinik is inspiring in his persistent progression toward forward thinking. He is serving on the board of the Board of Directors for the Trayvon Martin Foundation and he is marking his influential persona territory with purpose.





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