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A man is doing life in prison for loaning his car to his roommate

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By: Krystle Crossman

Ryan Holle from Florida has been a model citizen his entire life. He has never had a run-in with the law, has a clean arrest record, and yet he is in prison for life without any chance of parole for pre-meditated murder. At the time of the alleged crime Holle was at home sleeping in bed. Thanks to our justice system and the Felony Murder Rule, Holle is in prison for life even though he technically had nothing to do with what happened that night. There are only three states that no longer recognize this rule.

One night after a party Holle lent his car to his roommate, which he had done numerous times before. He went to sleep once his roommate left. The roommate went to a house where a woman was selling pot. The dealer’s daughter was killed that night.




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  1. Yay Florida!!

  2. After reading this article I, as a black man, don’t even feel comfortable leaving the house or having any friends, or even family almost. This is unacceptable and should not be allowed under a black president. It’s beginning to look more and more like it’s time for an exodus from here, before it’s too late.

    • This is a white man my friend! Go place your race card somewhere else. BTW, did you know the president is just as much white as he is black?

  3. I thought Texas was the last state to free slaves. All minorities in Florida need to stand up 4 their rights. When a young man can be murdered (Trevon) can be murdered in cold blood and the accused goes free….but this young man loans his car to someone and he is sentenced to life….who do u have as leadership

    • This is not a black man and everybody have to bring blacks into this picture why?

  4. This is utterly unjust and vile. Do white people (and I’m white) really believe they can lock up every black person in the country because it’s clear that this what they’re trying to do. I don’t know how much longer black people can put up with the constant injustice they receive at every stage in their lives. I’ve been ashamed to be white for most of my life but this is the last straw.

    • don’t be ashamed, that you are white, be ashamed, that they are white. I have had some good and decent white folks, some, were more righteous, than my own,come into my life, trust me, and I am 68,be 69 in nov. once, my eldest, daughter was driving, back to N.C., from NY, and dozed off, behind the wheel, the car went down, into a bank, it was a white, truck driver, that went down and helped, my daughter, and my 3 year old grandson, and called for help. just below, the bank, were snakes, and lord only knows, what else.my grandson, is now 27, and I never, have forgotten that man, even though we have never met. never, be ashamed, of who you, are. you can only be responsible, for yourself, and your actions, not anyone’s else. just do what you can to make it better. maybe then, the others will see what, they really are.

  5. I would not raise kids especially boys in that state. Racial hatred pulls in racists who relocate in order to enjoy the prospect of hunting down and killing Black kids and putting Blacks in prison slavery.

    • @ Will you can raise your children (sons) anywhere in this great country. When you sit back and allow whites to do what-ever they please and blacks don’t fight back this is what you get. There were ALL BLACK TOWNS in so many cities even Florida, the white man took everything and killed so many blacks and took their land and today they (whites) own all the land that blacks once owned because they didn’t fight back.

      • Blacks are sooooo Afraid of more ridicule if they speak up, so they take those lashes and stay in the cotton field….LITERALLY!!!!

    • Its not just Fla, Check out Pa, Tex,Arizona for their draconian laws to handcuff non white Yet the NAACP doesn’t shit!. I am a retired NYC Officer and I get messed with also.

      • Kristi,Glad you found my blog! Are you two climbers arlready or just getting into it? Or am I just jumping to coslsucionn? Haha!I guess I’ll let it slide this time that you’re not a company, but consider yourself warned.

    • First off, every major civilization in the world has enslaved people, FACT! Another fact is that this man is white, so put away your race card. Happy Easter!

  6. WTF. He didn’t know what his roommate was going to do or be a part of on that night. The mother who was selling drugs out of her home ultimately was the person that caused her own daughter’s death.She should be severely punished, not someone who wasn’t even there.

  7. What’s just as startling about this story is, this man has been in prison for 11 years, and we’re just now hearing about this. It seems as though we’ve been walking on a time bomb without even knowing it.

    • Exactly! This is definitely a reason to start a petition. That law needs to be repealed and this injustice corrected!

  8. http://ryanholle.com
    There are petitions.

  9. This is the kind of legislation that cannot be changed unless, we working class people, develop a voting bloc that can sway an election one way or the other. We can no longer have the power and value of our votes be taken for granted. Unfortunately, there are a number of laws on the books that are unreasonable or tailored to criminalize behavior of certain ethnic minorities.

    If the working class population in this country got organized and bartered their bloc of votes in return for putting an official in office that pledged to write new legislation neutralizing bad laws like this one. However, the reality is most Americans are too lazy to get off their asses to change anything except their diapers.

    Just my opinion. Shalom.

  10. Here we go again .. All the rage, anger and despair which won’t change a thing. We have to get out and vote,people. Why don’t some of the churches do something to help people organize actions to change unjust or stupid laws? The churches spearheaded the civil rights movement. What happened? It ain’t over.

  11. Florida is a tourist state. Use your dollars to make a difference.

    • that’s a excellent point. don’t spend your money with them until they get it together.

  12. Sorry I don’t believe this story, There has to be more to it than being published. Even a public defender could prove that this guy was not involved, unless he had prior knowledge. If they can prove that he knew he was going to use the car to get to the woman to kill her,,that’;s different.

  13. Again it’s all about money! We buy from people that we let do anything to us! Why would they change laws? When they know we will spend our money anyway ?? We listen to radio stations, that teach us nothing about economics ! Insulting music, buffoonery ! If you listen to their radio station, you don’t hear that kind of music, that insults their people! We listen to so called leader that don’t tell us to put our money together. Nothing will change if we don’t change !!!

  14. I hate to break it to you guys making it a race issue, but I’ve been to Ryan’s website, and he’s a white dude. It’s still wrong for any man of any color to be dragged into this mess simply because he loaned someone his car. Unless his roommate said, hey, we’re going to go kill a person, can I use your car? Which I seriously doubt happened. But my point is, stop making it about race because he’s white. It’s about injustice to a human being.

    • He had prior knowledge that his car was being used for a robbery…but as robberies go, the unpredicted happens and someone was killed.

  15. So, um, if you do some research…you will learn that Holle KNEW of the burglary that his car was being used for. And ready for the bombshell? HE’S A WHITE DUDE AS LISTED ON THE INMATE DATABASE! Happy Easter!

  16. its true why they giving him life for something he didn’t do he just loan the car to his roommate he didn’t know what she going to do blend the mother for sellin the drugs she went to get from her not his fault just because he black you try to pin it on him

  17. Loaning ur car out is like loaning ur wife out! Obviously, he didn’t have adequate counsel, and still doesn’t to this day. If he wants to sit in prison and rot, that’s on him.

  18. This leaves out significant details. Also it uses bad phrasing about him sleeping. Think about, “I watched the news, went to sleep, and woke a millionaire.” The fact that you purchased a lotto ticket isn’t mentioned, but is significant to the story. Yes the stated events happened, but details were missing. Same with this story. The truth is Holle allowed his roommate and his friends to borrow his car after they talked about breaking in Synder’s home, beating her, and then stealing her safe (which was where the weed and money were kept). Holle had prior knowledge, though he didn’t know that it would go south and turn into murder. He thought he wouldn’t get in trouble if he wasn’t there and sleeping would be his alibi. When on trail he said he thought they were “joking.” He got life because he was the key factor in the incident. If he wouldn’t have allowed them to use his car for criminal activity none of that would’ve happened. Either way it sucks for him. I do think the life was harsh.

  19. i wonder what would have happened if he had gave his friend bus fare or train fare or money for a cab would he still be responsible for what his friend does?

  20. Black people need to pack all of their shit migrate up north the hell with sunny skies and orange juice!

    • Okay, whatever, but you know this is a white guy right? Reading and research works wonders!

  21. This is wrong in every race, color and creed. If you can get locked up for life for this then why don’t they just lock up whoever, whenever they feel like it? Then they wanted him to plea to lesser charges like they were doing him a favor. I’ve stayed in Mississippi as a “black man” and never had any problems remotely close to what goes on in Florida. I don’t care what race you are, I would avoid that place at all cost.

  22. Yeah this is a bullshit ass article lol
    It failed to give all the details of the case. They weren’t there to buy weed, they were there to rob the place. And this nigga knew about it. He gave them the car KNOWING they were going to rob a person. One of the guys there beat the girl to death with a shotgun he found. Gruesome. I don’t believe Ryan holle should be serving time for murder since that’s not the crime he committed. But he was still in the wrong. This article paints a completely fictitious picture.

  23. Wtf? Really all this Bs that’s going on in this world is Beyond crszy ALL RACES NEED TO STAND FOR SOMETHING. NOT JUST BLACKS AND FUK The GOVERNMENT they ain’t shit they built shit how they want it to remain, not for it to be changed. They enjoy all of it life in any country is a set up.

  24. So the facts, Holle is a white man, he knew his car was being used for a robbery and still loaned it to his friends. During the robbery, someone was killed. Holle was complicit in this crime and shares some of the responsibility. Additionally, he was given a plea deal of 10 years. He turned it down and gambled. Because of that he got life. End of story.

  25. We as Black People need to avoid getting into trouble so we wont give the white man an opportunity to criminalize us. And consequently impacting our future for jobs, education, housing, and other opportunities. Bottom line, stay out trouble, and watch who you associate with.

  26. He should appeal this to the Supreme Court and it will be overturned

  27. WTF! Florida has got to be the worst state out of the 50! They can take the Sunshine state and stick it up every White judges Butt where the sun does not shine! Never heard of such mess in my 65 years of living! This young man needs to bring the Feds in on this BS and sooner rather than later.

  28. As a employee for a state correctional facility the race listed is self-reported. The matter of this man’s identified race is irrelevant. If people are fed up with how things are done in the state of Florida I agree let your dollars work speak for you. Don’t spend your money there and let that put the pressure on the state for changesm

  29. We need Johnnie Cochran back !!! Dear God, please raise up someone to take his place !! If
    Johnnie were still here he would be taking these cases on !!

  30. Something is really wrong with our system, this man was locked up because of his color. I Really would like to live to see the day we the people get alone with each other before this world comes to the end. If the people would read the bible and see what god almighty is telling us we would be better people. WE were put here to do gods will and to help each other not to kill each other. All this person to do is to pray to god and leave the rest to him and he will be out.

  31. Don’t let anyone tell you your vote doesn’t count. That will NEVER be true.

  32. This is not a BLACK THING — this is a human THING that everyONE suffers the injustice of a system that’s made JUST-FOR-US, such as, just-us — by the wealthy … I MEAN … a banking system that plays races against one another world wide, with WARS they create for FINANCIAL GAIN, that I call FINANCIAL PAIN. During every revolution it is the judges and lawyers who are marched out into the streets and HANG! This was brought to YOU by a PERSON who studied the secret societies SECRET that is kept from YOU

  33. This brother gets life in prison for being generous while zimmerman is running wild in the MF street.The JUSTICE SYSTEM is Fu’ked up.

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