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Woman takes the lives of three people, gets a $1,000 fine only

by / April 6, 2014 Crime, World News, WTF! No Comments

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Apparently, Florida is the state where you can take someone’s life and get a slap on the wrist.  A 79-year old woman lost control of her car last year and killed three people in a church parking lot.  Her sentence?  Loss of her license for one year and a $1,000 fine.  Apparently, the judge needed her to send more people to the grave.

Doreene Landstra pleaded no contest to a charge of improper backing, which doesn’t even carry criminal penalities.  The maximum she could have gotten was actually a six month license suspension, but the judge extended the sentence, since they are allowed to do so when someone loses their life. 

The casualities in the senior citizen’s joyride were 80-year-old Johanna Dijkhoff, 72-year-old Margaret Vanderlaan and 70-year-old Wilhemina Paul.  All three of them died after the woman backed her SUV up into a group of people during a church service at the Sugar Creek Country Club in Florida.

If they’d been black, she might have gotten off scot free entirely.  Way to go in delivering justice Florida!




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