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Applegate, mom share bond in overcoming cancer

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High up in the Hollywood Hills, a warm spring day is breaking into a cool, pink-hued dusk. Tucked behind an iron gate lies a leafy backyard filled with a paint-splattered easel, toys, slides and one happy, gallivanting child. It’s here where Christina Applegate sinks into a deep, white outdoor couch with her mom, Nancy Priddy.

“I want to feed the fish!” chirps Sadie, 3, a blond, blue-eyed cherub of a child, peering into a pond filled with koi as dinner cooks in the kitchen.

Today, a wet-haired Applegate, 42, is playing the part of a mother who barely has time to shower. She talks about mornings in her house, where she struggles to fit in a cup of coffee before hearing a familiar call. “Uh, is someone gonna come GET ME?” Applegate mimics her daughter.

Priddy laughs. “She’s a very funny child.”

Normalcy here is blissful, and several steps removed from the buzz of Hollywood below this perch. In her Spanish-style home, the actress best known for the Anchorman movies and Married … With Children has created a Rapunzel-like sanctuary (her words).

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