Amazing: Cat saves boy from vicious dog attack

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If you’ve ever wondered if cats don’t love their owners, you have to see this video.  A little boy is riding along on his tricycle, not knowing that a dog was waiting around the other side of the car.  It’s hard to tell if the dog is being playful or trying to hurt the child, but we do know that he took a big bite out of the boy’s leg and started dragging him away.

That’s when the video gets interesting.

Out of nowhere, a cat shows up and knocks the dog away like an NFL linebacker taking out a running back at the line of scrimmage.  We don’t know how the cat got enough force to take down a dog that is much bigger than him, but adrenaline can be a bitch.

Not only does the cat knock the dog off the little boy, which would be enough of a miracle, he actually chases the dog around the truck, practically daring him to come back.

This gives the boy’s mother just enough time to step in and save her son.  Of course the little boy hauls ass to get away.

Watch the video.

It will give you hope that there are some good cats in the world.




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