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Donald Trump says Sterling’s friend is the “Girlfriend from Hell”

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By Yolanda Spivey

Donald Trump is the latest celebrity to give his two cents about the Donald Sterling scandal—and instead of firing shots at Donald Sterling, he is pointing the finger at Sterling’s ex-girlfriend V. Stiviano who was single handedly responsible for exposing Sterling’s racist rant.

If you’ll recall Sterling was taped by Stiviano saying some harsh things about Black people, and forbidding his then girlfriend to bring them to “his games.”

Donald Trump said that V. Stiviano was the “girlfriend from hell,” in a recent interview on a radio program. He further accused the bi-racial beauty of setting Sterling up by saying, “It’s terrible he got set up by a very, very bad girlfriend.”

He further stated, “It’s so bad.  She was baiting him, and she’s a terrible human being.  And he gave horrible answer, and disgusting answers.”

Trump told the show hosts that it was unfortunate that the private conversations became “very public.” And when one of the show hosts pointed out that it was Sterling who requested that his girlfriend record their conversations because he was forgetful, Trump said, “The way she led him along. He should know, if he were there, if he was with it, he would know after one or two of those questions that she was answering and asking that there’s something going on here. You look at the way he’s being baited, just constantly being baited,” he said. “I read part of a transcript, and it was ridiculous.”

The real-estate mogul and entertainer did point out that Sterling should be punished harshly for his actions, but he still felt stumped that Sterling was naïve enough to fall for someone who was trying to do him harm.  He also said that NBA Commissioner Adam Silver will take serious action which has already happened as Sterling was banned for life from the NBA.

Yolanda Spivey writes on a variety of topics and is the founder of Black Insurance News. She can be reached at organize@yourblackworld.net or you can visit her Facebook page.



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