Man Allegedly Gets High On Embalming Fluid, Strips Nαked at Busy Intersection

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A man that was high on embalming fluid relieved himself of his clothing and danced nude in the middle of a busy intersection in Houston. the360experiment.com


Reported by Krystle Crossman

Houston, TX residents got quite the shock on Thursday around 12:30pm as they were driving or walking through the busy intersection of Antoine and W. Gulf Bank. An unidentified man (pictured) had stripped down and was dancing in the median of the busy road. One of the witnesses that recorded the event said that the man was doing Beyoncé’s infamous “Surfboard” dance, twerking,  the “nay nay,” and all of the other popular dance moves that are in mainstream dance culture today.

There were at least 30 people on each side of the street watching the incident. Many were recording it on their cell phones and cheering the man on as they laughed at his bizarre behavior. Some people didn’t find humor in the situation. One woman who happened to be driving through the intersection at the time of the incident, said that the act was absolutely disgusting. A few other residents were upset that the man had chosen to misbehave in the presence of small children, as seen in the image.

A woman who said that she is the man’s cousin is appalled at everyone who was watching the man and cheering him on. She said that she didn’t understand how everyone could say that they were disgusted by the event but then would cheer him on. She was upset that everyone was recording the troubled man but not one person checked to see if he was okay or if he needed help at all. When other relatives of the man heard what was going on, they rushed over to him and tried to cover him up with whatever they had on them. They put him into a car and took him away. The man’s cousin said that he uses embalming fluid to get high, which could explain his behavior. He’s currently undergoing a mental evaluation.




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