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July 16, 2014

Brennan: No reason to believe Tiger Woods can win Open

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The man in question hasn’t won a golf tournament in nearly a year. He has had a terrible 2014 season by his standards. He has been injured. He had back surgery March 31 and was gone for almost three months. When he came back three weeks ago, he missed the cut by four strokes. He hasn’t played since. So of course almost everyone is wondering if Tiger Woods can win…

Senate GOP blocks bill to overturn Hobby Lobby ruling

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The Senate on Wednesday torpedoed a Democratic plan to reverse a recent Supreme Court ruling allowing some employers to decline to provide employees insurance coverage for some forms of birth control on religious grounds. The bill failed to get 60 votes needed to cross a procedural hurdle, as Republicans were largely united against it. Three Republican senators voted for the bill: Mark Kirk of Illinois, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and…

Is that ID real? TSA agent doesn’t recognize D.C. license

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Newsflash, TSA: The District of Columbia is part of the USA. A Transportation Security Administration agent told D.C. resident Justin Gray that his driver’s license was not a valid form of identification. Gray, who was trying to get through security at an Orlando airport Saturday, is also a Washington correspondent for WFTV-TV in Orlando and reported on his weekend experience. Gray said his license was valid and up-to-date. The TSA…

Gymnast Gabby Douglas quits Iowa coach again

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DES MOINES — The gymnastics reunion between Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas and coach Liang Chow lasted less than three months. Chow confirmed that Douglas has left the gym to search for a new coach. “She’s not in the gym anymore,” Chow said Wednesday in a telephone interview with The Des Moines Register. “She is searching for a new coach, I guess. We had an understanding, a tryout period. The…

Most Americans unhappy with Obama’s border strategy

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As children from Central America pour across the nation’s southwest border, most Americans want to speed up their deportations and disapprove of President Obama’s handling of the situation, a poll out Wednesday finds. Only 28% of those surveyed approve of Obama’s response to the surge of children along the border, while twice as many (56%) say they disapprove of his efforts, according to the poll by the non-partisan Pew Research…

Alleged escort pleads not guilty for Google exec death

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SANTA CRUZ, Calif. – A high-priced escort accused of leaving a top Google executive to die alone on his yacht after injecting him with heroin pleaded not guilty today to a manslaughter charge. Alix Tichelman, 26, her hands shackled, wearing a red jail jumpsuit, sat quietly in the back row of the jury box as her attorney asked a judge to release her until her trial for the death of…

Cops report of a fight with driver is very disturbing

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Miami police are currently investigating why two of their police officers got into a physical altercation during a traffic stop. The incident began when uniformed Officer Marcel Jackson pulled over Lt. David Ramras for speeding. Jackson’s personal recording equipment shows Ramras attempting to walk away from his vehicle when he is pinned by Jackson, then a scuffle ensues.  Jackson says Ramras initially refused to pull over, which led to a short chase. During…