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July 18, 2014

Malcolm Gladwell critique: David and Goliath misrepresents the science

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Malcolm Gladwell, the New Yorker writer and perennial best-selling author, has a new book out. It’s called David and Goliath: Misfits, Underdogs, and the Art of Battling Giants. I reviewed it on Sept. 28 in The Wall Street Journal. (Other reviews have appeared in the Atlantic, the New York Times, the Guardian, the Financial Times, the Millions, and Slate, to name a few; the Guardian has even “digested” the book into a 600-word satire.) The WSJ…

Passenger Makes Eerie Facebook Post Before Boarding Downed Malaysia Airlines Plane

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A passenger who appears to have been on the crashed Malaysia Airlines flight over Ukraine on Thursday posted a photo of his plane with an eerie message before boarding the ill-fated Boeing 777. Translated from Dutch to English, the caption reads: “In case it goes missing, here is what it looks like.” Cor Pan posted the photo on Facebook of the Malaysia Airlines plane from the Amsterdam Airport on Thursday. Pan’s post…