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July 22, 2014

The Internet of Things: Coming soon to a park near you

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Soon enough, everything from espresso machines to city transit systems will be connected. Traditionally “dumb” objects like doors, heaters, and dishwashers will come online, much like computers did with the advent of the internet. The implications are huge. Cities will be smarter, using the GPS data from your phone to coordinate traffic patterns and ease congestion. Homes will be automated, with thermostats that respond to your presence and fridges that…

Tech Five: Netflix kicks off busy earnings week

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Time for round two of tech quarterly earnings, making for another action-packed week on Wall Street. Here’s a look at the five tech stocks to watch Monday. Netflix. When they report: Monday Analyst estimates (compiled by Bloomberg): Earnings per share of $1.13 off revenue of $1.3 billion. Details: Will the streaming media giant report another surprise bump in subscribers for the second quarter? During the first quarter, the company added…

Joaquín Castro: Rick Perry ‘militarizing’ border

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Texas Rep. Joaquín Castro on Monday said Gov. Rick Perry is “militarizing our border” with his decision to deploy state National Guard troops there. “We should be sending the Red Cross to the border not the National Guard to deal with this humanitarian crisis,” the Democratic congressman said in an email. “The children fleeing violence in Central America are seeking out Border Patrol agents. They are not trying to evade…

IRS official: Lois Lerner email trail may not be cold

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A top IRS official is now uncertain about whether backup tapes of the lost Lois Lerner emails may exist, according to testimony released by Republicans — a potentially significant plot twist in the controversy that has shaken the IRS in recent weeks. IRS Deputy Associate Chief Counsel Thomas Kane, who oversees the tax-collecting agency’s document production to Congress, told the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in private testimony…

The Trouble With Jared

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Everyone at the dinner party was talking about Jared Polis, who in Colorado political circles of late is discussed at least as much as the weather. It was late May in Denver, as hard negotiations slogged on between Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, Polis and the oil and gas industry over a series of ballot measures Polis is financing that, if passed, would allow cities and counties to stop drilling altogether,…