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July 30, 2014

Bobby Jindal Is Being Sued By His Own School Board Over The Common Core

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For the last four years, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) has championed the set of learning benchmarks known as the Common Core State Standards — but a simmering mess of litigation in the state’s court system shows that Jindal has moved as far away from his previous position as he can. Last week, a group of parents, teachers and charter school managers sued Jindal over his recent repudiation of the Common Core….

Joni Ernst Has A History Of Advocating Nullification Of Federal Laws

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WASHINGTON — On Monday, The Daily Beast reported that Republican Iowa Senate candidate Joni Ernst once appeared to speak favorably of the concept of nullification. “Bottom line is, as a U.S. senator, why should we be passing laws that the states are considering nullifying? I mean, that’s bottom line, is our legislators at the federal level should not be passing those laws,” Ernst said at a forum hosted last year by the…

Proposed GOP Lawsuit Against Obama Backfires, Helps Democrats Raise Millions

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WASHINGTON — The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee raised $1 million in a single day on Monday, chairman Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) said. The fundraising juggernaut was driven by Democratic opposition to a lawsuit House Republicans intend to file against President Barack Obama related to the enforcement of certain Obamacare provisions. “Since the announcement of the lawsuit, we’ve raised more than $7.6 million,” Israel said at a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science…

Stephen A. Smith’s sorry remarks on domestic violence

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Last Thursday, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was suspended for two games by the NFLfollowing an offseason arrest. In May, Rice entered a pre-trial diversion program to avoid a trial and jail time for an altercation with his wife (at the time, she was his fiancé). The penalty was met with universal eye rolls and general outrage from NFL fans and non-fans alike. At best, Rice showed some horrible decision-making the night…

Whoopi Goldberg: ‘You have to teach women, do not put your hands on anybody’

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ESPN host Stephen A. Smith drew backlash from critics for statements he made about domestic violence — but outspoken industry colleague Whoopi Goldberg is in his corner. The View co-host came to Smith’s defense Monday after he apologized for comments he made last week on domestic abuse. Smith implied that women played a role in provoking men to assault them. He later issued an apology Monday, claiming it was the “most egregious error”…