Seven things parents hate buying

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Buying items for kids brings a sense of joy to most parents. To see their faces light up with excitement at the sight of a new toy, game, outfit, or technology device is often rewarding. In 2011, the average child received $309 worth of toys, which is kind of a lot of money when you think about it. It equates to around $26 per month. This around the same amount of money we spent on life and personal insurance.

Some of the items we buy for our kids end up being a great purchase. Our kids love the product, they receive some sort of resulting educational value, and it enriches them in some way. These are the types of purchasing decisions we usually look back on without any regret. Many learning products, some technology devices, some clothing, and books often fall into this category.

On the other hand, there are also those products we kick ourselves for for agreeing to purchase. Kids may beg and plead until we finally comply, or in some cases they exhibit good behavior or grades, and we just want to reward them with something they actually want. Whatever the reason, there’s certain items we buy for our kids, even though we don’t want to. This list of items parents hate buying for their kids contains products that are often more trouble than they’re worth.





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