Guys, makeup and Instagram videos – there really is nothing better

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Ladies (and gentlemen), this is something you have got to see!

No matter what angle you approach this from, it is quite clear makeup can literally transform a face. It’s a craze going around right now that you don’t want to miss, or you will be cheated some laughter in your life.

It even has its own hashtag, #makeuptransformation, basically unveiling the mystery of makeup, but also showing all of us that everyone is a diamond in the rough.

It wasn’t until just recently, in the last ten years or so, that professional grade cosmetics were available and affordable for us to play with like this.

Tutorials on how to properly apply cosmetics, how to use all of those weird brushes in your makeup kit, and how to contour your face like Kim Kardashian are highly popular on video hosting sites like YouTube.

Makeup used to be a mystery, best left in the hands of pros and usually requiring ladies that didn’t want to wind up looking like a sad raccoon to pay some pretty pennies at a salon.

Today, however, many people can their own makeup just like the pros. Just don’t confuse the kabuki brush for a blush brush. You may wind up with clown-like circles on your cheeks.




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