The Perfect Way To Keep A Sexy Bod And Still Enjoy Your Vacation

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So many of us focus our energy on getting to the gym in preparation for that beach bikini moment when we let the sarong fall and bare our abs, two piece and a sun hat. All of that work ethic goes out the door when we find ourselves overeating, drinking and indulging in rich local fare and tourist restaurant attractions.

When you’re on vacation there are a few things that will help you keep fit and diminish the stress on your joints: low impact exercise. Just because an exercise is low impact doesn’t mean it won’t torch the calories you’re putting on. Low impact activities are good for the whole family, so if you’ve traveled with your children and don’t have childcare, bring them along for the exercise.

Here are four of my favorite ways to blast the fat and get toned, no matter where you go on vacation:

Get your Walk on!

This is the original workout offering so many advantages. Most hotel spas will offer a walking activity where you explore the local region. Walking minimizes the stress on your bones and muscles. If you keep a fast pace and cover some serious distance you will get the most out of this activity. Want to burn more? Explore the hilly areas of the region.




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