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Are you ready for servant robots?

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 If you are like one of the 10 million Roomba owners in the world, then you are already somewhat used to having a servant robot do some of your menial tasks for you. Driving through an automatic car wash or having a grocery store door slide open for you are even more mundane ways that robots have found their way into our lives. Robots have made a lot of progress in the last ten years, especially in the manufacturing and medical fields, but the latest news about robots seems more like a return to the old-fashioned idea of what robots were supposed to be in the first place.

We all remember cartoons like the Jetsons, in which an apron clad servant robot, named Rosie, was always bustling about, dusting furniture, bringing snacks, and listening to the family’s woes.

She was supposed to be like a family member, and that entire generation raised on those cartoons really thought that’s what robots would be by now, in the year 2014. Experiments with robot girlfriends have come frighteningly close to futuristic books and imaginative movies like Her (2013) But what most Americans are really hoping for, may be just around the corner… a robot who will do all the dumb stuff we don’t want to do for ourselves.




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