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Justice for Michael Brown means different things to different people

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FERGUSON, Missouri – Some members of the Ferguson community believe it’s a mix of both local residents and people from out of town “destroying their neighborhood.”

Several stores in the St. Louis suburb are boarded up because looters have destroyed doors and windows, in addition to stealing everything their hands could hold. It’s been more than a week since Ferguson teenager Michael Brown was shot and killed, following an alleged “altercation” with Darren Wilson.

“They’re not giving us what we want,” said Ferguson native Rodrick Dobbins of the local police. “Why should we give y’all peace?”

Dobbins says he is friends with some of the people who have been stealing from local businesses. He said he doesn’t believe there is anything wrong with the looting.

“We want our voice to be heard,” Dobbins said. “We are going to have it heard one way or another. Either we protest it out of y’all or we’re going to take the [expletive]. We’re going to [expletive] the city up. I understand y’all don’t like it, but we don’t like getting treated like we get treated.”

As looting went on for days, many of the peaceful protesters stood in front of buildings, blocking entrances from looters.




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