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Should President Obama visit Ferguson?

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Should President Obama go to Ferguson?

In light of the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed teen killed by police in the Missouri town—and the violent, militarized overreaction by law enforcement to peaceful protesters and journalists on the ground–attention is focused now on how Obama will respond.

At a Monday press conference, the president spoke about the hurt Ferguson is facing and announced Attorney General Eric Holder will To be sure, there are calls for the president to go to Ferguson in person.  MSNBC guest host Michael Eric Dyson said Obama needs to “step up to the plate and be responsible.”

On Face the Nation, Dyson added:

It is not enough for him to come on national television and pretend there is a false moral equivalency between police people who are armed and black people who are vulnerable constantly to this. He needs to use his bully pulpit to step up and articulate this as a vision, not necessarily in terms of public policy alone, because Eric Holder is doing a tremendous job in filling in those gaps, but we need presidential leadership.

Holder is expected to arrive Wednesday, but is that enough?  There are pros and cons for the president making a personal appearance in that strife torn part of the country, whose local tragedy has national and even international implications.




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  1. Whose side do you all expect him to be on?


    • He should be on the side of justice and the Constitution of the United States. Easy!

  2. rights has been tampered with due to political adverzary policyBy all means the president as a leader should “delegate “qualified officials into seeing a fair assessment is carried our “regarding your “loyal & dedicated “constituency who put him into office twice …, There would be Inquisition from friend & foe if he didn’t after he left office… As it stands now, The democrat party and it’s representatives HAVE NO current grassroots movement with the African American community except during campaigns… Even the most (sacred cows) such as “civil & voters “

  3. By all means the president as a leader should “delegate “qualified officials into seeing a fair assessment is carried our “regarding your “loyal & dedicated “constituency who put him into office twice …, There would be Inquisition from friend & foe if he didn’t after he left office… As it stands now, The democrat party and it’s representatives HAVE NO current grassroots movement with the African. American community except during campaigns… Even the most (sacred cows) such as “civil & voters “

  4. Short answer. NO. Long answer. NO. I the POPE can visit it does not make a difference. Arrest the murderer, put him through the same ropes any black man sould have gone through and siddenly the riots sill stop.

  5. The one real * CHANGES* domestically has been repealing provisions of civil rights & voters rights by the democrat party’s political adversaries… Whether it’s gerrymandering, or constitutional rights violations like stop-n-frisk… Like in this Ferguson matter the African American population cannot help but realize the “conservative ” officials that handled the outcomes in the “Hanging chad disenfranchised voting and the jury selection in the Zimmerman trial dispute the inconsistencies (only) to have the “Stand-your-ground ” being modified, Despite predatory lending policy being modified, Despite Bloomberg stop-n-frisk being repealed and soon gerrymandering once communities like Ferguson they have to replace the corrupt public & political officials who deprived & obstruct the community of fair process…

  6. What I DONT understand is why do media hungry-attention seekers like dyson constantly put our president on blast when it comes to ONLY race related issues? What he is doing is totally unfair when you take into account that NO other president was held to the same standard. Why is that, because the president is black? Dyson- get off your soap box, step away from the comfort of yours msnbc studio, and take your beyond down there since your so concerned about “hooking” the brothers up! Peace.

  7. The PRESIDENT IS LATE, the bell rung the day Mike Brown got shot and again he has not come out of his corner. Ferguson is happening all over America and will continue to happen as long as justice is ignored. When there are no systems in place to correct those who represent the law, people have no other choice but to protest and will eventually resort to violence. If this thing is not corrected America will become a revolutionary nation and we will deserve the consequences. The police cannot continue killing young black African Americans and then be promoted to desk duty. They are worst than hunters pursuing the trophy of an eight point buck to hang on their walls. Some of these men in uniforms are legal murderers and have no regards for the lives of these young men. They intend to extinguish the next young black generation. Selling illegal cigarettes in the street is not worthy of execution, robbing a store does not warrant six fatal bullets with two to the head, he shot him intently to kill him. Blacks are becoming more afraid of the cops than the criminals for they are quickly overtaking cancer as the number one deadliest diseases in America. As a black man I have continual grief in my heart for this evil that is now common in this country. In my city of NY where Eric Garner was murdered by a group of police officers, I am ashamed and feel belittled as a man, knowing that I am not equal in the eyes of this so-called law. Eric Garner’s death also represents me for as Dr King said, “injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere”. What I shudder to think is, how is it that none of the other white police officers arresting this unarmed man could not say to the one choking him, “loose your hold, we got him on the ground”. That police officer choked him until there was no life left in him, while the others handcuffed a dead man, one had his feet on the man’s head while he was on the ground. This makes me weep each time I see it on the television. Where are the consciences of these that are inaugurated to protect us as citizens. I really believe that for many cops when they see a black man they see a black target on the shooting range, (that is black also), and as a result they have one thing in their minds “bullseye”.
    Finally, Presidents and politicians usually go to events that increase their ratings and where they get glory, but Ferguson is not a place for glory seekers, it is a trouble spot that stabs at the heart of America and calls the President and this government out on the carpet. You can’t wash your behind from afar with a garden hose, you gotta take a shower and apply your hands to the job, it is then an only then the people of Ferguson (Mike Brown), Florida (Trayvon Martin), New York (Eric Garner) and a host of other cities will believe the President and the government cares. Likewise, he should not send Eric Holder a black man to speak with angry black people without sending Vice President Joe Biden to speak with criminal cops. We must not interpret the angry emotions of these people as hooliganism, we must see their pain, their loss, their need, their deprivation as citizens, their unfair system of being ruled in a city where the police officers does not represent nor evenly balance the populous, their cry for change, their injustice served, their robbed citizenry, and their cause. I am against violence but whatever it takes to get Washington off it’s backside and institute laws that would govern police officers and prevent this barbarism then it should not stop until the change comes. No black athlete, movie star, entertainer or even professor must feel they are exempt from this evil, the color of your skin makes you vulnerable in a land whose symbol is the freedom bell. America must know that China, Russia and the nations we criticized as lawless are all watching this play out. Her voice is no longer the leader of civility and equal rights when discrimination is within her own breasts, she has become like the other nations where abuse of power and the communistic hand is the gavel of the land. We tell our kids to respect the law and give heed to the police but little black kids seeing these atrocities are becoming scared of that blue uniform and running for their lives from them, only to be shot down in the back as the slave master did on the plantation with a run away slave. “Kill them” has become the new motto. May God help our people in this one-sided nation of double vision.
    Among the protestors are many whites who also refuse to accept this injustice and are giving their lives with the multitude crying for change. The truth is, while police killing black young men has become epidemic, injustice on the whole has no color, IT MUST STOP!!!!!
    CCA 8/20/14

  8. The people of Montgomery, Alabama protested and marched for 381 days
    so today, Barack Obama could VOTE, go to the school of his choice and even have the idea (Possibility) to dream of one day being the
    president of the United States.

    Mr. Obama sit’s in the WHITE HOUSE in large part to BLACK VOTERS.

    And, WE demand that he go to that unrighteous town and explain these
    types of EXECUTIONS of our sons will not be tolorated…by
    anyone, not even a THUG cop who happens to be White!

    PLEASE share my thoughts, if YOU dare!

  9. Yes, the president should visit Ferguson. I’m sure he can find the time in his busy schedule to do that. He always find time for vacations and golf.

  10. I think the Black Panther Party should go to Ferguson.

  11. OH and Don’t forget the professional ball games and beer sippings that he finds the time for.

  12. NO! This is the time for Prez to delegate.

  13. I dint think it would hurt to show up, but then again it might cause more of a hostile environment, because its too many mixed feelings and emotions brewing(understandable)…

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