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December 8, 2014

Unfounded rape accusation leads to calls for UVA president’s resignation

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Some students at The University of Virginia are fighting back against what they consider to be an overcharged campus political environment as it relates to sexual assault.  In a petition filed at Change.org, the students claim that university efforts to stop sexual assault have gotten to the point of falsely incriminating suspects before the evidence has even been examined. Rolling Stone Magazine recently ran a story about an alleged sexual assault on…

Massive funding bill kicks off 113th Congress’ final chapter

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Don’t worry, Washington. Congress will give you your Christmas and New Year’s back this year — right after some more deadline-induced drama. The House and Senate need to pass a government-funding bill and renew a terrorism insurance program this week, the final gasp of legislating before Republicans take full control of Capitol Hill in the next Congress. Both bills are expected to pass before the government shutdown deadline of Thursday,…

House-Senate negotiators near spending deal

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House-Senate negotiators neared agreement Sunday on the last pieces of a $1.1 trillion spending bill designed to avert any shutdown this week and put most government agencies on firm footing through next September. Building on a long weekend of talks, the goal was to file the giant measure by late Monday and then push for quick floor action before the current funding runs out Thursday night. Details were closely held…

Mary and the Landrieus

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And then there was Mitch. Mary Landrieu’s defeat as the Deep South’s last Senate Democrat hit party loyalists here hard. Many blamed the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee for depriving her of a shot at a comeback surge by pulling the plug on her media buys in the runoff. GOP Congressman Bill Cassidy ducked the press, amid late-breaking reports that he earned $250,000 in five years from the LSU medical system…

Tika Sumpter set to play the First Lady in an Obama romance film

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The search is on for an actor to play a young Barack Obama. Southside With You, a new drama, is set to explore to day Barack Obama took his future wife, Michelle Robinson, out across Chicago’s south side for their first date. The story goes that the first year Harvard Law student fell for the beautiful, younger lawyer when he took a summer job as an associate at the firm…

Memphis police considering body cameras

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Memphis police are considering equipping their officers with body cameras. Now, the big question is cost. The cost of outfitting all 2,000 officers will run into the millions, and then there’s the cost of video storage and software. A dashboard-mounted camera would cost $5,500, and body cameras would range from $500 to $1200 per camera. Not all camera systems offer the same coverage, and Derrin Hope of Fleet Safety, a…

Officer won’t face charges for punching handcuffed woman

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Seattle, WA  — A King County prosecutor announced that a Seattle police officer who punched a handcuffed woman will not be criminally charged. However, the prosecutor also acknowledged that the officer’s actions might not be in keeping with the policies of the Seattle Police Department. On June 22nd, Officer Adley Shepard responded to a call of domestic violence at a Seattle home. Miyekko Durden-Bosley was involved in the dispute and was…