Unfounded rape accusation leads to calls for UVA president’s resignation

Some students at The University of Virginia are fighting back against what they consider to be an overcharged campus political environment as it relates to sexual assault.  In a petition filed at Change.org, the students claim that university efforts to stop sexual assault have gotten to the point of falsely incriminating suspects before the evidence has even been examined.

Rolling Stone Magazine recently ran a story about an alleged sexual assault on The University of Virginia campus.  The 9,000 word story caused widespread outrage and led to calls for the UVA campus and many others to take assault allegations more seriously.  The only problem was that the story wasn’t journalistically sound and the website ended up apologizing for its release.

The editors of the story published a one-sided account and failed to even interview the individuals who were being accused.  After further investigation, virtually no evidence could be found that a crime had even occurred.  In fact, the fraternity named in the story didn’t have a social event on the weekend in which the alleged victim claimed that she was assaulted.  This will likely lead to lawsuits against both the university and the magazine for defamation.

This sequence of events has led to a group of students at The University of Virginia to call for the immediate dismissal of UVA president Teresa Sullivan, whom they accuse of overreacting to unfounded allegations.  They claim that without even speaking to the men who were accused of this very serious crime, the president suspended fraternity activities of organizations that were not even accused of being involved in the assault and creating a campus witchhunt over a story that turned out to be unfounded.

University of Virginia president Teresa Sullivan vandalized our legal system by immediately assuming the guilt of innocent men after an anonymous accuser without evidence cried, “Rape!” Sullivan suspended activities of all fraternities (not just the one fraternity the accuser mentioned), and no sororities—discrimination solely on the basis of sex. “Rolling Stone,” which published the incredible accusation, now apologizes for running the story, saying it no longer trusts the lone accuser. While the Board of Visitors immediately apologized to the anonymous accuser and her parents, now that “Rolling Stone” has backed away from the story, the Board of Visitors’ “zero-tolerance” approach to sexual assault must include firing the woman who aided and abetted a false rape accusation as well as physical violence against the fraternity—in recognition of Brian Banks, Johnathan Montgomery, and the research of Eugene Kanin. 

You can read more of the petition here. 



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